Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Celebration of Excellence

Last Friday evening was indeed a gala celebration witnessing the outstanding achievements and commitments of our boys in both the academic and co-curricular arenas. Mixed with this was the showcase of the great talents of so many of our musicians. It will be a night that will be embedded into our memories for many years to come. This night is always of special significance to the Seniors. The Seniors presence in numbers, both in gaining awards and supporting one another, reflects their commitment to the cohort and to being the “best they can be”.

Congratulations to Jacob Montaner for his dual accomplishment of Captain and Dux of the College. The humility echoed in Jacob’s speech, along with the Vice Captains’ speeches on College Assembly, consolidates the concept of the true Terrace Gentleman. As a Senior group they have set and sent a clear and compelling message to the younger members of the community. Last Friday, it was a delight to watch the elated expressions on their faces as they linked together to sing the school song - no doubt this moment represented the many wonderful shared memories of their Terrace years.

Exam Timetables

Students in Years 5 to 11 were issued with their Term 4 exam timetables on Tuesday morning. Spare copies can be collected from Student Services. Exams commence for students in the final two weeks of the term. These exam schedules should be part of the boys’ strategic planning to maximise their results.

How to revise successfully for exams

Step 1. Download the checklist, or if in Years 7, 8, 9 or 10 - go to your checklist booklet.
Step 2. Number each item that needs to be practiced or remembered for a subject.
Step 3. Use the exam schedule to prioritise your revision – early exams get priority along with subjects you are not as confident in.
Step 4. Draw up a study plan – first listing all the days leading into and during the exams and note on each day when you are available to study. 
Step 5. Use a different colour font for each subject and allocate each point from the checklist to a time in the study plan. For example - Monday 5-5.45 pm, do Maths Ex 3 A,B,C.
Step 6. Using a pen and paper, pretend that every point on the checklist is an exam question - write down the answer then correct it. If it is wrong and you are unable to correct the error yourself then follow up the next day with your teacher or attend tutorials. 
Step 7. Aim to complete the revision of each checklist at least twice before the set exam.

With over 25% of all our boys gaining awards for academic excellence, let us continue this strong culture of being the best that we can be.