Acting Deputy Principal | Mr Damien Fall

As we come to the conclusion of Term 1, we are in the process of finalising some staffing changes that will take effect next term.  Mr Anthony Hayward will be taking leave for the whole term and we are pleased that the role of Windsor House Dean will be assumed by Ms Jane Williams during this time.  We will be joined for the term by Ms Kaylene Campbell and Ms Niamh McConnell to cover classes for both Jane and Anthony. Best wishes to Mr Hayward during his time away and to Ms Williams with this exciting new opportunity. We are delighted that Mr Glenn Cameron and his wife Amelia are about to welcome a new baby to their family. Glenn will be taking paternity leave for the first two weeks of next term. His classes will largely be taken by Mr Peter Murdoch, who has a long association with Terrace.  Mrs Nicolette Cleary will assist with daily matters in Barrett House during Glenn’s absence.  PC Mentors remain the first point of contact for Barrett families during this time, while more significant matters should be referred to Mr Damien Cuddihy, Acting Dean of Students.  Mr Tim Stephens commenced a period of leave this week and this will continue for the first two weeks of Term 2, replaced by Mr Tony Nicita.

Two other significant members of our staff taking some leave are Mr Glenn Brown, who leads our maintenance team; he will be taking time off for the first three weeks of Term 2, while Mr Trevor Buley from our IT team will be having a break for the first seven weeks of the term. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Padraig Gannon, who covered for Mr Ken Hainstock while he took leave during Term 1.  We wish Mr Gannon all the very best and we look forward to welcoming Mr Hainstock back after the break. Sincere thanks on behalf of all in our community must also be extended to Mr Tyron Mandrusiak, who acted in the role of Director of Sport during Term 1. It may sound cliched, but Tyron genuinely brings great knowledge, humility and wisdom to any situation and we know that the Rugby community will be pleased to see him back as Director.  Mr Tony McGahan has commenced as Director of Sport and has been generously assisted by Tyron as he transitions into the role. While major staff changes are not common, it is fair to say that minor movements at Terrace make staffing a somewhat dynamic scene!

Most significantly, we are likely to be welcoming Mr Chris Ryan back as Deputy Principal in the new term. His father is making excellent progress with his rehabilitation and, if this continues over the next few weeks, Mr Ryan should be in a position to return to work.  I know he is keen to be back at Terrace and we are delighted that this is likely to be the case.

At this time of term, it is always clear that students, parents and staff are all ready for a break; a simple change of pace from the early morning rush of uniforms, lunches, bells and books will be a welcome relief after a typically busy first term. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the Terrace Family a restful break over the next few weeks.  I trust that, as well as unwinding, we will all take some time to reflect and recognise the significance of Lent and Easter; the most important of times in the Catholic calendar.  Enjoy the break and I look forward to seeing everyone in Term 2.