Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Two weeks ago, I stood in the gallery and watched the 1st VI Volleyball team take on Churchie. In the first set, which they lost convincingly, nothing went right for them, and every time they attempted to take a step forward to get back in the game, it didn’t work – an attack got blocked, a call went against them, the spike just went out. 

However, between sets they regrouped, went back to the basics and worked their way into the next set – their only focus being to win the next point, then the set. And they did. Serves went in, passes went to the setter, attacking spikes hit the floor, blocks were made; this resulted in the team winning the second set, and then the third set, and then the fourth set - and ultimately the match.

We are currently in the midst of a demanding part of the term – assignments are due, and exams are only two weeks away. Students will feel like there is a lack of time or motivation at present. However, we need to take a lesson from the 1st VI - when you are feeling pressure and performance is not at its best, go back to the basics and concentrate on what you have to do next:

• Revisit your study plan. If you have moved away from the plan – get back on track.
• As assignments are handed in – reallocate that time to preparation for your exam subjects.
• Students have all received their exam timetables – plan backwards from each exam, how much time you will spend preparing. Make sure you spend time to prepare for each subject.
• Use the resources around you. There are many opportunities for staff tutoring (tutoring timetable is on the College App), be an active learner, use this time to get assistance with the aspects of your work that you don’t know.

Most importantly, start now. Just like the 1st VI, attend to the basics – have a plan, work consistently, focus on the next task. Then you will experience success.

A number of high performing students have been rewarded for their success in external academic competitions recently. Patrick Gleeson (Year 11) and Justin Jeyarajah (Year 11) have been invited to the Asian Science Camp in China this year based on their outstanding performance in the Olympiad competitions last year – top 1% in Australia. Yang Zhang (Year 11) has been invited to attend the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Selection School with the aim to gain selection into the Australian team. We wish Yang all the best.