Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Term 3 is always a crucial time during the academic year for students. Our Year 12 cohort continues to work through Unit 4 assessment items, and our Year 11s are completing Unit 2. At the same time, the Year 10 students finish the term with the much-anticipated Immersion program. These events, combined with a significantly high portion of our students involved in co-curricular activities, means that the boys can sometimes burn the candle at both ends this term.

Research suggests that seven out of ten teenagers are not getting the recommended nine hours of sleep each night. Famously, Roger Federer attributes averaging 12 hours of sleep a day to his longevity in tennis (noted, we would all love to find 12 hours a day to sleep!). We would all be aware of the negative consequences of the under-slept teenage male, including increased irritability, inability to communicate and lack of concentration, to name a few. Unfortunately, boys tend not to value sleep as an essential aspect of their mental health. Hopefully, this SchoolTV resource may assist you with some ideas on how to support your sons with this important issue.

This week has been characterised by the need to quickly re-establish regular routines within the College to ensure that class time is as effective as possible. Our approach in sweating the small stuff assists staff in establishing a productive tone. Haircuts, hat standards, shoes being polished and ensuring locks are on lockers are all simple things that contribute to a sense of being back to business at the College. As a whole, I congratulate our students for their ability to settle quickly and focus on the core business of learning in the classroom.

At Tuesday’s Presentation Assembly, we acknowledged the Chess, Basketball and Rugby seasons that commence this week. These programs involve many of our students, and I wish them all the very best for a safe and successful term. We have made some very clear statements about our expectations of students who are supporting at any event.

It is expected that all spectators at Chess, 1st V Basketball or 1st XV Rugby matches are dressed in the formal College uniform with the white shirt for all students. Students may also wear their red HPE cap to these events. This also applies to any student who has already competed. We respectfully ask that parents support the College by ensuring students are correctly dressed. We also have high standards for the way our spectators provide support. We have made it clear that it is never acceptable to be negative or derogatory; instead, all support needs to be positive and only directed towards our players. I look forward to a season in which Terracians are highly regarded for the way they conduct themselves on and off the field.

Finally, it is House Choir time! Do not forget to mark our biggest annual community event in your calendar. It will be held next Friday 23 July at the Pat Rafter Arena. All Houses are busily finalising their preparations. We look forward to an evening of great spirit and fun.