Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is upon us. I remember very clearly the first edition of the Terrace News this year when I welcomed families to the start of the 2017 school year. Now I am saying thank you for the year.

As I mentioned at the Celebration of Excellence evening. I believe that 2017 has been a successful year and that this success has been largely due to the strong partnerships that have been fostered throughout the year. I thank all in the Terrace Family for their valuable and generous contribution during the course of 2017.

At the end of a year we have people leave our Family and to the students who are leaving Terrace this year, I wish you and your families the very best in your future journey. A number of staff also say farewell to Terrace. To Mr Alex Berry, Mrs Philomena Burke, Ms Diana Coetzee, Mr Michael Beh, Mr Steve Faulkner, Ms Simone Hope, Mr Adrian Pauley, Mr Steve Sexton, Mr Matthew Shields and Mr David Webster, I thank you for your contributions to Terrace over the years and wish you well.

The Christmas holiday period is a busy one from a co-curricula perspective. There are numerous clinics, camps and tours occurring during the holidays. I wish all participants the very best. Information pertaining to the various activities may be found on the Parent Lounge or via the Terrace app.

Finally, for 2017, I again thank people for their support throughout the year and wish all families a Happy, Holy and Safe Christmas and I look forward to reconnecting in 2018.

Merry Christmas!

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Christmas Blessings

Christmas is a time for celebration, reflection and renewal. The arrival of the Christ Child is a reminder of His gift to us and the challenge to place His mission at the centre of what we do and say in the ordinary times and days of each year. The miracle of Jesus’s own humanity; His joy, His compassion and His message is a miracle for us to share in our own humanity. Terrace is a very human community, blessed abundantly by God and wonderfully complex, multi layered, challenging and sometimes exhausting! At Christmas, we have a chance to be born in Christ and to be nourished and energised to do it all again! I wish the Terrace Family a Holy and happy Christmas and look forward to a new year of new opportunities, relationships and community. Christmas Blessings to all.

Staff News

During and at the end of the term, we have and will farewell the following members of staff. We thank them for their contributions to the Terrace Family and wish them every success in the future:

  • Mr Michael Beh
  • Mr Alex Berry
  • Mrs Philomena Burke
  • Ms Diana Coetze
  • Mr Steve Faulkner
  • Ms Simone Hope
  • Mr Adrian Pauley
  • Mr Steve Sexton
  • Mr Matthew Shields
  • Mr David Webster

In 2018, we will welcome the following staff who are joining our community on a full time continuing basis:

  • Ms Jai-Leigh Beard (Counsellor)
  • Ms Natalie Berndt (returning) (Teacher)
  • Ms Nicolette Cleary (Teacher)
  • Mr Patrick Collins (returning) (Teacher)
  • Mrs Maryanne Costi (Teacher)
  • Mr David Giles (returning) (Teacher)
  • Ms Emma Hatchett (Coordinator of Drama

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

The making of a Terrace cupcake is not unlike the making of a Terrace Gentleman.

“The Power of One”

Our farewell to our Seniors last week was filled with emotion and great memories from 2017 and past years. As we departed the Valedictory Dinner from the venue of City Hall last Friday evening, our Seniors departed knowing that they had strived to be the best that they could be. During the week, we had received the individual QCS scores from our testing in late August. Their results reflected their unwavering commitment across the year to every single QCS workshop and to the two demanding testing days. These results came from their ability to function seamlessly as a group; their strength was in their commitment to themselves and to each other. We all functioned as the one team - staff, students and teachers, we were all unified and moving in the same direction. The power of this approach was a key strategy to their success. Although mathematically implausible, the sum of the parts was far greater than the whole.

I share a wonderful and insightful tribute to the Terrace experience from a very dedicated mother of a Senior-

So all of a sudden, tomorrow will be the last day that we walk through the gates at Terrace as parents of current students - and it would be remiss to not try to let you know how very grateful, very fortunate and very blessed we have been to have had Terrace’s unwavering support, concern and wisdom for the past ten years – and beyond!

It has been a privilege to become part of fabric of life at such a wonderful school – where, like our sons, we have made our friends for life. This has been such an exciting and emotional week– our Terrace journey has been an extraordinary ride .

There exists an extraordinary community at Terrace, of people who support, advise and advocate, people who encourage, comfort, nurture and work tirelessly to make us all better .

From a personal perspective – my journey at Terrace has been in one sense a veritable cornucopia of cupcakes! It now occurs to me that, in a metaphorical sense, the making of a Terrace cupcake is not unlike the making of a Terrace Gentleman.

It is a serious venture and always best to gather a team.

Like all good projects, we plan, we prep, we plan, we organise, we plan – we shop!

We lovingly pull together the best ingredients we have available to us – sometimes its premium, mostly we wing it.

Sometimes we follow the recipe, carefully measure the raw materials, throw them together and beat until malleable – figuratively!

When we have a somewhat workable mixture, we place them in a pre-heated oven, toil away busily in the background, hope for the best, but persistently watch them evolve.

Sometimes they work out well, sometimes not so – we are often distracted, overwhelmed and overworked! Occasionally, for some inexplicable reason nothing goes well and we don’t know why – but rarely is there an issue that a generous dollop of white chocolate ganache won’t fix.

Then when we think they are ready, we dress them up smartly in their finest red and black, stand back and take a moment to admire our creations. Bold, striking, but deceptively sweet. Not always perfect but something worthwhile – something we are proud of.

Then we get here, to the end of this phase, we fix the cellophane, tie the ribbon, gently place them in the well-prepared wrapping and realise that – yes! – it was a lot of effort – but undeniably worth it!


Reports will be uploaded to Parent Lounge on Friday 1 December. This Semester 2 report will include a grade for Term 4 results, a grade for the Semester 2 result and an annual grade. Academic medals are determined upon the Semester 2 results. From these results an academic summary will be compiled. This summary includes identifying students who have made significant gain or significant loss within subjects. This data is essential in our tracking and mentoring of students.

Thank You

Finally, as the term and year conclude, I would like to express my thanks to both the boys and to families for your support across the year. We enjoy a wonderful community spirit at Terrace, of both support and commitment to striving for excellence in all we do. That excellence ranges from making the effort to spend the hours on study and assignments, to concentrating and hence making the most of the classroom, to helping a mate or friend who needs support either pastorally or academically. We are all very blessed by this empathy and respect that we continue to have for members of our immediate and extended community.

My best wishes for a safe and relaxing Christmas holiday. Hopefully the hustle and bustle of the school year will abate and allow family time to be shared and enjoyed. I look forward to journeying together for another rewarding year in 2018.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

Last Friday was a very special day for the College community and for me personally. The culmination of the Terrace journey is Senior Valedictory, and it was a privilege to enjoy the final gathering of the Seniors as they shared some words before being farewelled at College Assembly. As always, we had an enormous attendance from families; a fitting end for our families who have always supported their sons so strongly on the journey. At the assembly, I shared the story of German artist Albrecht Durer, one of 18 children in an understandably poor family. Albrecht’s brother worked for four years in the mines to financially support Albrecht as he went off to follow his dream and study Art. In the process, the brutal mine work destroyed the brother’s hands and any opportunity to also follow his own passion for Art. In appreciation for his efforts, Albrecht completed the now famous work, known as ‘Praying Hands’, which depicted his brother’s badly beaten hands. I shared the story, an incredible example of sacrifice, in recognition of the great sacrifice that so many families make to allow their sons the opportunity for a Terrace education.

The day was particularly special for me because my wife and I attended our own son’s Valedictory that same evening. Seeing our youngest son graduate and finishing our time after 13 years at his school was a powerful experience. I was able to understand the mix of emotions that many of our parents feel as they come to the end of their time here. Their sons are blessed to enjoy a Terrace education and the College is equally blessed to enjoy the strong support of so many wonderful families. On behalf of the Pastoral Team, I wish all of our recent graduates and departing families the very best for the future. Please know you are always welcome here.

An important member of our Pastoral Team, who rarely receives the recognition she deserves, is Mrs Philomena Burke, our personal counsellor. Philomena has worked tirelessly in this critical role during her time at Terrace. She has always handled a significant case load with class and expertise. Happily for her, but sadly for Terrace, Philomena has resigned in order to find a little more time for herself. She has been a tremendous asset to the College and we will miss her greatly. All the very best to Philomena in the future.

Finally, a word of best wishes to all members of our community as we conclude another year. I trust that all will find at least a little time to rest, recuperate, and be with loved ones. Thank you to all our students and their families for another successful year. Have a Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer


They stood proudly with broad smiles on their faces, excited with the prospect of transitioning to a new stage of the Terrace Journey. It is in this manner that our Year 6 students encircled their family and teachers gathered in The Chapel of the Holy Family to celebrate through mass their transition into middle schooling. The notion of family strongly resonated at this celebration. The approaching season of Advent and the growing hope and joy of Christmas provides us with an opportune moment to reflect on the concept of family, particularly the Holy Family.

Dr Jill Gowdie, past parent and current leader of the Identity, Mission and Religious Education Services Team for Brisbane Catholic Education, articulates wonderfully the truer nature of the Holy Family, the family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. In her recent article The Getting of Wisdom”, Dr Gowdie highlights an ‘understanding of the Holy Family as the image of perfection, of harmony and gentle love’. However, from further historical and theological research we are growing to understand that the family in which Jesus grew up was far from perfect. Dr Gowdie presented a more authentic version of Jesus’ family:

The harsh reality is that Jesus was born to poor, homeless parents 100 miles from their town. His mother Mary knew what it was to be a young adolescent girl and pregnant, betrothed to an older man - who was not the father of the child. Joseph knew what it was to be the focus of gossip and doubtful regard for his ongoing family and social standing.

Our Terrace Family certainly is wonderful and like any family, including the Holy Family, we experience struggles and work to acknowledge and accept our imperfections. As we support each other through difficulties and seek meaning together we become ‘holy’. We will tackle this concept at our End of Year Thanksgiving Liturgy, where we’ll focus on ‘giving’, and what it means to ‘give’ this Christmas.

As we get closer to Christmas, we see all around us a world filled with ‘things’ – material things – and we can easily forget the simple message that comes from the story of Christmas. As we gather tomorrow in the spirit of thanksgiving, we’ll be encouraged to recognise the importance of our families as a vehicle for right relationships that nourish our being in becoming more ‘holy’.

I truly hope the upcoming Advent season and anticipation of Christmas allows you and your family to experience Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. May the holiday period bless you and your family with these gifts.

Dean of Waterford | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Lilla Watson, an Indigenous Australian, is quoted as saying,

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

Whilst raising money to give to volunteer organisations is a significant aspect of service learning, the willingness to journey with others in our community is central in any immersion process. This year students have had the opportunity to walk with many different groups in our community. As the year concludes I think it becomes very apparent to the boys that it is the people and the relationships developed that are the greatest assets of the time spent at Waterford Place.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students of Year 10 for once again embracing the opportunities that Waterford Place offers with such a positive spirit. We have enjoyed journeying with them this year. My thanks also go to the parent body for your support and assistance throughout the year. Finally, my sincerest regards to the staff at Waterford Place, who give so much to the boys throughout the year both in and out of the classroom. The sense of community that they foster has been long acknowledged by the boys and they will continue to be the cornerstone of this successful program into the future.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

With only one day remaining to the close of the 2017 school year, excitement is in the air. Today our Years 5 and 6 students enjoyed a day at Wet ‘n' Wild. This was a great occasion for our youngest men to finish off the year, especially after a busy Term 4.

This week we celebrated the end of 2017 with our annual Years 5 and Year 6 masses in the chapel. It was a prayerful occasion to reflect on how far each student from Years 5 and 6 has grown and matured over the course of the year.

Congratulations must go to the young men of Years 5 and 6 for the enthusiasm and dedication with which they challenged themselves to achieve individual goals. Our Year 6 students will now move into secondary school having especially gained from the learning experiences of their primary school years.

Many thanks to the Years 5 and 6 core teachers, Ms Simone Hope, Mrs Kitty Hopton, Ms Jane Williams, Mrs Victoria Holt, Mr Nick Gill, Mr Darren Brown and Mr Deen Mewburn. You have been outstanding in your professional approach to the learning tasks and with your desire to challenge these young men to strive for success.

Finally, to the families of Years 5 and 6, I wish you the best for the Christmas holiday period. It is time to share with family and friends and hopefully it is a time to stop and enjoy the peace and joy that the Christian message brings. We move into the First Sunday of Advent this weekend as a time to prepare and to play our part to bring new hope and joy to our world.

Merry Christmas - looking forward to a safe and enthusiastic return to Terrace in 2018.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

We Will Rock You –16 – 19 May 2018

We have had an incredible response from the Terrace and All Hallows’ community for our audition registration process. With over 200 students wanting to audition next week will see two days of auditions which will lead to call backs and final placements. While we will not be able to have all two hundred on stage we are confident we will have a very large and talented cast. Save the dates for when we release ticket sales. We Will Rock You – 16 – 19 May.

Auditions will be held next week – 29 and 30 November – at Terrace. An email will be sent to all students with the audition information.

2018 Cultural Activity Sign On

If you would like your son/s to be involved in the Cultural program at Terrace, please check the Parent Lounge for sign on opportunities. While Debating 2018 is well underway, you will see Chess, Live Production Services, Public Speaking and Theatresports are all still options via Parent Lounge. These sign on opportunities will close next week.

Debating Clinics

If you would like your son to attend the January Debating clinics, please follow this link: 2018 Debating Clinics. RSVP is by 8 December 2017.

Music Workshops and Camp

Please check Mr Esbensen’s article for information regarding the 2018 Workshops and Camp. Information is also available on the Terrace App and in Parent Lounge.

Support Group Meetings

On behalf of our Cultural staff and students, I would like to thank Mrs Kirsten Carroll (TPA) and Mrs Kate Farrell (DSG), their members for their unfailing support throughout 2017.

Next year will be another busy year with concerts, productions, workshops, games, debates, etc. I would encourage all parents in our Terrace Community to join our Support Groups. All meetings are listed in the College calendar.

2017 | 2018

In this, our last Terrace News for 2017, I would like to thank all parents, families and students who have supported our staff throughout the year. The Cultural team (including Chess, Debating, Film and Television, Live Production Services, Mooting, Music, Musicals, Public Speaking, Speech and Drama, Terraflicks and Theatresports) strive to make every event, activity and performance a memorable one for our students. This requires many hours of preparation to ensure the finished product you see is seamless and extraordinary.

To the staff who have filled the many roles within the Cultural portfolio, thank you.

As we close out 2017 and the tagline #18000STRONG and herald in 2018 with #ShoulderToShoulder, I would like to farewell the families who are not continuing with Terrace. I hope your time within our community has given you memories that will be long lasting. To the families continuing in 2018, enjoy the break. Refresh and recharge as next year will be even bigger.

I would like to take this final opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with family and friends.

Director of Music | Mr Brad Esbensen

As the end of the year approaches and we begin planning for 2018, could you please notify the Music Department ASAP of any enrolment changes to your son’s lessons for 2018. Students currently enrolled in the program will have their lessons automatically roll over. During this week and early in the new year, you will be receiving information regarding lessons and ensembles.

Following the auditions and placement of students in ensembles, all those involved in our premier ensembles would have received an invitation to attend the 2018 Music Camp. There have been some changes to the usual run for camp for 2018 due to increasing numbers of students involved in the program. The full schedule is available on the Terrace App. The camp is a great opportunity for our musicians to engage in several days of intensive rehearsals to hone their skills and to develop a sense of teamwork and camaraderie within their ensembles. Please respond to the Parent Lounge request by the due date as numbers need to be finalised with the camp site before the end of term.

There will be some changes to our Music Staff in 2018 with Mr Julian Wade (Piano) leaving us to resume full time studies and Miss Amanda Tio (Double Bass) taking on an increased teaching load outside of Terrace. I would like to thank them both for their dedication and inspiration to our students during their time here at Terrace, they will be missed. I would like to welcome Mr Michael Manikus (Piano) who will start with us in 2018. Michael is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium and ACU and brings a wealth of experience as a nationally and internationally recognised performer and youth worker.

Congratulations to the following students on their recent AMEB Exam results: Tom King Koi (Year 10) Grade 4 Flute (Honours); Will Ames (Year 6) Grade 1 Flute (Credit); D’Arcy Long (Year 9) Grade 1 Theory (High Distinction).

Finally, I would like to let you all know that I will stepping down as Acting Director of Music from the start of 2018. It has been a difficult decision and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead and work with a great team. I would like to thank our musicians and their families for their commitment to Terrace Music in 2017 and wish you all a safe and happy Christmas break. I look forward to catching up again in 2018.

Please see below for the list of Term 1 events for 2018. Remember to accept tour notifications as they are sent through Parent Lounge and check Event Memos(available through the Terrace App).

Term 1 2018 Events

  • Music Camp: Monday 15 January to Friday 19 January 2018: Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Terrace Jazz Orchestra, Waterford Soloists, Waterford Strings, Terrace Choir, Red Thunder Drumline, First Percussion Ensemble.

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

The Sport Department wishes every one in the Terrace Family a safe and happy Christmas.

Sign on for Term 1

Don't forget to sign on and register for your activities for 2018

Holiday Clinics and Camps

All holiday clinics and camps will be placed on the College app. Please check your sport for details.

Terrace Ladies Group

Thank you

Thank you to the ladies who helped set up for the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner on Friday. City Hall looked amazing and I am sure the boys and their families had a wonderful evening at their last Terrace event as students!

A big thank you also to our outgoing TLG Executive members, Mrs Jayne O’Connell (Vice President – Hospitality), Mrs Tracy Murphy (Treasurer) and Ms Marianne Eadie (Secretary), for their incredible contribution to the TLG over these past two years.

We will be welcoming Mrs Leonie Flynn (Vice President – Hospitality) with the assistance of Mrs Libby Baynton, Mrs Samantha Murphy (Treasurer) and Mrs Rachel McGahon (Secretary) to the TLG Executive Committee for 2018/19. Mrs Leisa Low (Vice President – Logistics) and Mrs Mel Josephson (President) continue in their positions for 2018.

College Staff Christmas Lunch – Wednesday 29 November

NB: please note a change to this day – originally scheduled for Tuesday 28 November, now Wednesday 29 November.

The annual Staff Christmas Lunch is a wonderful celebration of our staff in appreciation for all their efforts and support of our boys throughout the year. The TLG hosts this through the generosity of our families with contributions of help on the day, food and monetary donations. I am delighted to advise that all the spots for volunteers for food and help on the day have been filled. If you would still like to contribute, a cash contribution would be most appreciated to allow us to purchase some regular favourite items and decorations. Cash donations can be dropped to the Finance Office in a sealed envelope marked “TLG Staff Lunch”.

Parent Directory

Please remember to look at your Parent Directory listing on the Parent Lounge and select the details you wish to be shared. This is how you do it (more detailed instructions are available via the College App):

Parent Lounge | Parent Details | Parent Directory | then select “Maintain” at the “My Parent Listing”. Then you need to select to “Share” which aspect of your listing you want public – be sure to “Save Changes”.

There are still many blank spaces in the Directory across all year levels so if you notice friends without their details on the electronic version, please send them a reminder. The Parent Directory is a fundamental component of the College’s inclusive community so it is vital we have the information at hand.

A printed version of the Family Directory will also be available for 2018 based on what you allow through Parent Lounge.

Year Level Coordinators

There are still a couple of levels in need of Year Level Coordinators for 2018 – Year 8 and 11. This is not an onerous role, but crucially important, and involves organising events like coffee mornings and a couple of evening functions per year for your year level. Thanks to those who have already put their hands up. Please get in touch with Louise Weir via email if you are interested.

Coming up

  • Wednesday 29 November – Staff Christmas Lunch (NB: changed from Tuesday 28 November as previously advised).

TLG Date Claimers for 2018

Term 1

  • Monday 22 January: First day of school for Years 5, 7, 10 and 12 – Welcome morning tea for new parents after assembly in Treacy Court
  • Monday 29 January: TLG Meeting, 7.30 am – Dr Carroll guest speaker
  • Tuesday 30 January: Years 5 and 6 Welcome function after the Information Evening
  • Wednesday 31 January: Year 7 Welcome Function after the Information Evening
  • Friday 2 February: Year 12 Induction Mass and Lunch
  • Friday 2 March: TLG Welcome Mass and Morning Tea

Term 2

  • Friday 27 April: Years 5-9 Morning Tea at Victoria Park

Term 3

  • Friday 7 September: TLG Fashion Parade at City Hall

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson | 0404 806 932

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Mr Brian Fitzsimon , GT 1939 - 1945

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.

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Your chance to win 6 tickets to the MCG Boxing Day Ashes Test (Ponsford Stand, 26 December 2017)! Raffle will be drawn this Sunday 26 November at the Old Boys' Cricket match at Tennyson. Just $20/ticket - all money raised goes to Terrace Cricket. Ticket sales close 3pm Sunday.

Ashes Test Raffle - Buy Tickets

Induction Mass | Year 11 2018 Assistance
The Year 12 Induction Mass and Lunch will be held on Friday 2 February 2018, at the University of Queensland, St Lucia. To make this a memorable occasion, it is tradition that the Year 11 parents provide and serve the food for this function. If you are able to assist, please sign up using the links below.

Food donation - delivered to UQFood donation - delivered to Terrace TuckshopHelp at UQ on the dayCash donation for food

Date and Time: Sunday 26 November | 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields | Vivian St Tennyson
RSVP: No RSVP required - simply turn up!
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

The Terrace Cookbook is the perfect gift for any number of different reasons - it would make a thoughtful and useful keepsake for boys departing Terrace, a fabulous Christmas present, or something to treat yourself and inspire your Christmas season cooking!

Terrace Cookbook - Buy Here

Please note this registration process is for new students in 2018 only. Current student registration via Parent Lounge.
Date and Time: 11, 12 & 13 December | Years 5 - 6 - 7am - 9.30am | Years 7 - 12 - 9.30am - noon
Where: Victoria Park Training Facility
Cost: $75 (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 skill development sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaching staff
RSVP: Please RSVP Friday 8 December 2017
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Terrace Cricket Holiday Clinic 2 - Book Here

Please note this registration process is for new students in 2018 only. Current students registration via Parent Lounge.
Date and Time: 11 & 12 January | Years 5 - 6 - 7am - 9.30am | Years 7 - 12 - 9.30am - noon
Where: Victoria Park Training Facility
Cost: $50 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 skill development sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaching staff
RSVP: Please RSVP Monday 8 January 2018
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Terrace Cricket Holiday Clinic 3 - Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 20 January | 7am - 3pm
Where: Tennyson Boatshed
Cost: Free | Register via College Events
RSVP: Please RSVP by 15 January 2018
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Brendan McGrath |

Yr 8 Clinic & Try Rowing Day - Register Here

Calling all Years 7 - 10 boys of Terrace!
Where: Tennyson Boatshed
Register your interest via the link below.
For further details please contact:
Brendan McGrath |

Try Coxing - Register Here

Date and Time: Monday 15 January 2018 - Years 8 - 12 | Tuesday 16 January 2018 - Years 5 - 12. Both days 9am - 3pm
Where: Waterford Place | Corner Water & Quarry Sts Spring Hill
Cost: Years 5 - 7 Students $15pp (+ booking fees) for 1 day workshop | Years 8 - 12 Students $25pp (+ booking fees) for 2 day workshop
Includes workshop facilitation and lunch
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 8 December
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Andrew Stormonth | | 3214 5200

Debating Workshop - Book Here

Booking details to come!
Date and Time: Saturday 21 April | 11.30am
Where: Doomben Race Course
For enquiries about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Mary-Louise Condon |
Vanessa Dollar |
Kristin Esler |

Community Information

Advertising in the Terrace Directory and Terracian magazine is now open for 2018. Advertising with Terrace is a fantastic way to support the College and promote your business too. To place an ad in our 2018 editions please email Costs and specifications are available to view here:

A reminder that to have your contact details published in the Terrace Directory you need to ‘opt-in’ through Parent Lounge. You only need to opt-in once. To check whether your details will be in the Directory and to also select which details are visible, please visit the ‘Parent Directory’ located in Parent Lounge. Instructions can be found here Parent Lounge 3 Step Directory Guidesor on the College App.