Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Tomorrow our Track and Field team travel to the State Athletics Centre to compete in the GPS Track and Field Championships. The team has been training hard and is ready for this event. Year 11 students will travel to support our athletes. On behalf of all within the Terrace Family I wish all athletes the best of luck for tomorrow.

Last week the Junior Track and Field team competed and were place a very creditable fifth. This is an improved result on last year and reflects the hard work put in this year by the athletes and their coaches. Well done to all involved.

Similarly, our Theatresports teams compete in the State Championships this week. This is a very “action-packed” event and our teams are well prepared. It is wonderful to see both our Firsts team and our Junior team competing in finals for this event. Again, I wish all the players the very best.

Continuing the subject of student activities, I congratulate the four Future Problem Solving teams who represented Queensland earlier this week at the National Championships. Again, the teams have worked very hard and this hard work has paid off with all teams performing very well. Well done.

Last Friday night, I was fortunate to attend the Terrace Jazz Night at Boggo Road. It was an outstanding night where the breadth of musical talent at Terrace was well and truly on display. The music was fantastic, the venue (Boggo Road Gaol) was unique and our special guest, ‘Elvis Presley’, shook and moved, and sang some great ‘Jailhouse Rock’. Well done to the staff, students and parents involved and to all those who came along to support this great night.

I remind all families about the rapid rate at which Term 4 is passing. We come to the end of Week 4 tomorrow which signifies the half way point of the term. With exams occupying one of the remaining weeks, it leaves students in Years 5 to 11 only three weeks of class time and even less for our Year 12 students. All students need to be heavily engaged and committed to school work, assignments, and study.

I would ask the Terrace Family to keep Mr Glenn Brown (College Property Manager) and his family in their thoughts and prayers following the passing of Glenn’s father, Gerry, last Friday evening.

Finally, this week, I want to acknowledge and thank all our teachers. Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day. At Terrace, we are blessed to have such a committed, professional, and caring teaching staff. Happy World Teachers' Day to all our teachers.

Have a great week.

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll

College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

World Teachers' Day

This Friday is International World Teachers' Day. Along with many others, teaching is indeed a noble profession. The expertise, commitment and generosity of our teaching staff is exemplary. Perhaps more significantly, the relationships which form the foundation of our teaching and learning culture at Terrace are highly valued and valuable. On Friday, we celebrate all teachers across the world and thank and acknowledge our own teaching staff for the wonderful role models and professionals they are to our boys here at Terrace. Teaching is also a vocation, a privilege and a responsibility and we appreciate what we receive in return through the work we do here at Terrace and the support we receive from our students and parent body. Further, I acknowledge all staff, both teaching and non-teaching who contribute to the holistic learning culture we enjoy at Terrace and thank everyone for their commitment to the mission of forming young men who will play diverse roles across the community in years to come.

Staff News

Warm congratulations to Mrs Julie Quinn who recently became a first time grandmother to baby girl, Mira. Terrace Old Boy, Simon Quinn is delighted with the healthy arrival of his daughter.

Our sincere condolences to Mr Glenn Brown, our Property Manager, and his family on the passing of his father, Mr Gerry Brown. Our prayers of support and friendship are with the Brown family at this time.

Congratulations to the following staff who have been appointed to middle leadership roles as Subject Coordinators supporting Heads of Faculty across Years 7 to 9 commencing in 2018:

  • Nicole Kirsch Mathematics Coordinator Years 7-9
  • Luke Robba English Coordinator Years 7-9
  • Andrew Stormonth Religious Education Coordinator Years 7-9
  • Rob Sweeper Health and Physical Education Coordinator Years 7-9
  • James Turner Business Studies Coordinator Years 8-10
  • Michael Wooldridge Science Coordinator Years 7-9

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Revision involves completing items on your checklist

Preparation and Planning

The Year 12 students have now been issued with their exam timetables. In the coming weeks, the remainder of the school will similarly be issued with their exam timetables. It is imperative that this document becomes the basis for strategic planning of exam revision time. As mentioned in my newsletter article of last week, revision should be systematically worked through and it should be carried out with a pen and paper response to the listed required knowledge. Many boys have worked very hard this year and it is important that we sustain our commitment to our academics despite the “end” being in sight. I encourage all students to download the checklist and to make sure that revision involves completing the items on this checklist.

Focus - Homework and Diary Week

This week has had a focus around ensuring homework has been completed, and completed well, and that homework has been logged in the diary. My thanks for the parent support in the practice of the weekly signing of their son’s diary. Your involvement in supporting and ensuring that your son/s complete the practising of skills is much appreciated.

Mentoring Week

Over the past two weeks, reflection around outcomes of Term 3 reports have been conducted by Tutors. This reflective process is a crucial factor in maintaining and sustaining strong outcomes and placing new strategies in place to enhance outcomes.

I continue to be both delighted and amazed at the level of thought and the commitment our students make towards their studies.

Below are just some of the reflections of our younger members of the community who made significant improvement in Term 3:

Pure and simple…was just over getting low results and just wanted to finish my primary experience on a high. Along with a friend in class, I started to take down notes and collated these together.

From this collation, this student began to write these notes in ways in which he could better understand them. The student really wants that 7th A this term to gain a medal.

A best mate followed this exercise of note taking daily and weekly, both just wanted to help each other out:

Writing out palm cards and attaching them to my diary so that every time I opened my diary, I saw the notes. Going to sleep earlier. Logging how long I took for homework. With Rugby, I had to use my time better and I got more out of it. Being busy has helped. Using my time well when in Rugby season, I just needed to work harder as there wasn’t always heaps of time.

Well done to these young members of the school, your results are certainly worthy and reflect your efforts. This great feeling of accomplishment after hard work is invested is certainly one that stays forever.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

The Track and Field Spirit Assembly

A highlight of the last two weeks has been the opportunity at College Assembly to listen to our College Vice Captains, Bill Bingham, Will Cook, Jack Kimmins and Matt Lo Grande as they reflected on their time at Terrace. We were privileged to be reminded of the wonderful array of opportunities that a Terrace education provides, but also that the journey is not always easy. As Bill delivered his speech, he was successful in simultaneously solving a Rubik’s cube, cleverly using it as an analogy for sticking to good processes and working hard to overcome problems along the way. All of these leaders indicated that their journey has not been without its challenges, but they are better for having overcome difficulties at various times. All of them spoke with great passion about their love for the school. The words of grateful, fond reflection from these young men were a credit to them and an inspiration for the rest of our students. As our Seniors approach the end of their time at Terrace, I hope they all take the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate they are, and to show their gratitude through word and action, both at home and at school.

This Friday’s GPS Track and Field Championships signal the end of the year’s sporting calendar and we wish the team all the very best. I have written to families of Year 11 students about their attendance as spectators – it is a great opportunity to put the theory of leadership into action as they encourage our athletes who deserve strong support. Theatresports receives far less recognition, but it is important to acknowledge the efforts of our Junior and Senior teams, both of whom compete in this weekend’s grand finals. Led by Alex Cummins, no doubt they will represent us with pride and we wish them all the very best.

The end of this week signals the halfway point of Term 4 for most of the school, while for Year 12 students, the number of teaching days remaining is in the single digits. The upcoming GPS Track and Field Championships provide a timely reminder of the need to finish strongly; coaches speak of the need to hit the finish line at full speed and students must apply the same thinking to their school year. As with Bill’s analogy above, there is no guarantee that every moment will be easy and enjoyable, but it is important that our young men maintain their enthusiasm and motivation. Our job as teachers and parents is to support them as they do so. My very best wishes to all in the community as the end of year approaches.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Good News of Terrace – Tom, Noah, Kevin and Jordan of Year 9 joining the celebration of Catholic Missions at the Cathedral of St Stephen.

How am I connected to the Edmund Rice story?

It felt like a Tuesday night in the 1970s while welcoming old friends to the upper verandah of the Treacy Centre. It wasn’t the creaking of the decking boards or the backdrop of the stone walls. It was the presence of Christian Brothers sharing a meal, sharing stories and sharing a laugh. This wonderful insight into the Christian Brother’s community of Gregory Terrace was a gift to the teachers, Old Boys and friends of the Queensland Edmund Rice Network that gathered on Tuesday night to share a conversation regarding hopes and dreams for the charism (spiritual ethos) of Edmund Rice in Australia for the next 150 years.

Ambrose Treacy, Furcy Bodkin, Joseph Nolan and Barnabas Lynch stepped off the ‘Donald Mackay’ and onto the docks of Port Philip Bay, Melbourne on 19 November 1868 . Today, 54 Edmund Rice ministries, schools and educational communities flourish with educating the hearts and minds of young people and being a compassionate and liberating presence for the most vulnerable of our society. Celebrating this 150 year milestone comes with a challenge. The challenge to forge a new direction for the Edmund Rice charism to be a relevant, influential and authentic expression of the Gospel as Edmund Rice so truly modelled over 200 years ago.

Tuesday’s gathering of Brothers, staff, volunteers and friends of our local Edmund Rice Network focused on two intentional question that I now pose to you:

How am I connected to the Edmund Rice story?
What is my dream for the Edmund Rice story in Queensland?

If your response is anything like those gathered on Tuesday, your connection is likely to have begun with a transformational experience centred on a personal interaction or relationship with someone already connected to the Edmund Rice story. For me, it was my teachers, the Christian Brothers and lay staff, of the Christian Brothers' school attended in secondary school. Your dream may also reflect some of the dreams that were shared in Circles of Conversation – that the charism of Edmund Rice inspires others to enact the Gospel of Jesus in responding the modern needs and contexts of today’s society.

Not only are we in a wonderful position to be stewards of the Edmund Rice charism and story, we have a wonderful opportunity to live out the dream of a new future here in our country and within our Terrace Family. Wherever the dream leads, Tuesday night affirmed that there will continue to be meals, stories and laughs shared on the verandah of the Treacy Centre for a long time to come.

Dean of Waterford | Mr Damien Cuddihy

With the Jacarandas in full bloom this means that the final assessment items for the year are fast approaching.

Recently, Waterford hosted the second “Head 2 Heart” program in conjunction with All Hallows’. It was a highly successful weekend and our sincere appreciation goes to the Edmund Rice Camps team for their leadership and guidance. The mentoring program connects our students with a group of boys and girls who struggle with mainstream day to day schooling. Throughout the weekend the boys were matched up with a little buddy with whom they engaged in a series of activities aimed at providing a positive social experience.

Last Friday, we had a formation day for Year 10s which wrestled with the question of “What is Manhood?” This was facilitated by Mr David Kobler and the Year 10 staff. Throughout the day the boys engaged in a series of discussions and stimulus information on the topic of masculinity. A significant part of the day is allocated to the issue of pornography and the impacts that prolonged exposure to pornography has on your perception of manhood. This day concludes a wider program called the “Men We Need” which has been running over the past three weeks, including a production from Brainstorm that also has a focus on risk taking behaviours and relationships with others.

A number of assignment drafts are starting to be submitted in various subjects and exam timetables will be distributed soon. With the Jacarandas in full bloom this means that the final assessment items for the year are fast approaching. At Waterford, we are encouraging the cohort to finish the year strongly and to ensure that they are best prepared for the Senior schooling journey that commences next year.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Transition is a consistent theme across Terrace at the moment. This experience of transition has varying degrees of meaning for different groups. For our Senior students, only a couple of weeks remain before they take on the greatest transition of all which has them leaving the surrounds of Terrace and making their way in the big world. Each year level will transition with different challenges facing them. For the younger men of the College, our Years 5 and 7 students will be that little bit more experienced than our new students. Year 6 will be faced with the challenge of making their way into the Senior part of the school and welcoming 130 more students in the process. All transitions pose challenges which is why the way in which we finish this year and prepare ourselves for the next phase of our Terrace journey is crucial. Great steps can be taken by finishing this year on a positive note and taking that experience and meeting the new phase with a spring in the step.

The transition process continues with Year 6 on retreat next Wednesday 1 November at Tennyson. This is a time for reflection, to look back on what has been achieved so far and of course what is to come with high school life of Terrace.

With each start to a term, academic mentoring takes place and it is always great to hear how our young men have adapted each term to change their study habits. Whether it be through what they are addressing at home with sleep, study space and hardest one of all, time management. At school, it is being prepared for the first five minutes of the lesson so that the key concepts are not missed. How can I engage, respond and comprehend the lesson? Then to finish off the week, reviewing the work with diary use or extra notes to help during exam time.

Last Thursday, Terrace competed in the blue ribbon event on the GPS calendar, the Junior GPS Track and Field carnival at QSAC. It was a fantastic way to finish the GPS season with some incredible performances on the day. Personal bests and records were achieved. Well done to all competitors.

Last Friday was the annual Years 5 and 6 spelling competition and after preliminary rounds, Archie Lunn (Year 5) and George Scanlan (Year 6) were our eventual winners in their respective finals. Congratulations to both men on their efforts.

A reminder to parents in Years 5 and 6 to log onto Parent Lounge and accept your son for the end of year excursion. Acceptance and payment in required by Friday 3 November.

Enjoy the week.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Ending 2017

As the 2017 school year draws to a close, it is important to keep an eye on your calendars so that you don't miss the final events of the year.

Congratulations to our youngest musicians who performed last night at the Spring Concert. It is fantastic to see how much the boys have progressed since the beginning of the year.

Hosting outdoor events is not without weather concerns. We were very lucky indeed to have a perfect evening for our Jailhouse Rock, Jazz Night at Boggo Road last Friday night. Sincere thanks to our hard working TPA team and our music staff. This year’s concert was certainly one of our most successful. If you have photographs or video that you would like to share, please upload to:


At last week’s College Assembly, our players were presented with their jerseys in preparation for this Sunday’s Grand Final. Captain Alex Cummins spoke of their desire to win as, “It’s been six years since Terrace Theatresports tasted the sweetness of a grand final win. Last year the Senior A Theatresports made it to the grand final but just fell short.” We wish both teams success on Sunday.

Junior B:

Senior A:

Noah Fenech

Alex Cummins - Captain

Hayden Greer

Bill Bingham

Harry Jones

Will Cook

William Pickering

Patrick Graham

Jack Rigley

Jack Kimmins

Joe Pincus

Connor Ryan

Support Group Meetings

DSG Meeting – Tuesday 7 November, 5.30pm, Old Boys' Room

Please register your apologies via

TPA Meeting – Tuesday 7 November, 5.30pm, Callan Centre

Please register your apologies via

Director of Music | Mr Brad Esbensen

Last Friday night, we held our annual Terrace Jazz Night at Boggo Road Gaol, featuring all of our jazz groups and Dean Vegas, Australia’s Number one Elvis impersonator. It was a great night out and I would like to thank all of the staff, students, parents, and TPA for their contributions to ensure the success of the evening.

On Wednesday evening, we had our Spring Concert, which was a final chance for our intermediate ensembles.

Next week, the Celebration of Excellence Orchestra and Choir rehearsals will be in full swing. Rehearsals will take place in the Music Department every morning next week commencing at 7am. Students should be reminded that the start time is 7am and they should be arriving 15 minutes prior to set up and tune their instruments. Full details for the week were sent in a letter with the Parent Lounge notification in Term 3. This letter, along with a detailed list outlining student involvement (i.e. orchestra, choir, and/or featured artist), is available on the Terrace App. These rehearsals, along with the full day tech. run on Monday 6 November, are compulsory and are to take priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

I am pleased to announce that Mr Adrian Head, one of our brass teachers, has been announced as one of five winners in the 4MBS Treasured Queensland Classical Musicians poll for 2017. Mr Head is very active in the Brisbane classical music scene as a conductor and performer; congratulations.

Please see below for the list of Term 4 events. Please remember to accept tour notifications as they are sent through Parent Lounge and check Event Memos(available through the Terrace App).

Term 4 Events

  • Celebration of Excellence Rehearsal Week (SWE, Waterford Strings and Soloists, Terrace Choir), Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November, 7– 8.15am, Music Dept.
  • Celebration of Excellence, Monday 6 November, all day, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Congratulations to all the young men who participated in the Junior GPS Track and Field Championships last Thursday at QSAC. Both as competitors and spectators, you were all magnificent in representing the College.

For the record the team finished in fifth position, another step forward after finishing sixth in 2016 and seventh in 2015. Well done with good performances by all boys across the multiple disciplines.

The following boys need to be congratulated for their first placings in respective events.

Bernie King

  • 10 years Shot Put (new GPS record)
  • 10 years Discus

Samuel Hindmarsh

  • 11 years Long Jump – Div 1
  • 11 years 200m – Div 2
  • 11 years 100m – Div 2

Dylan Ryan

  • 11 years 200m – Div 8

Joseph Balkin

  • 11 years 200m – Div 4
  • 11 years 100m – Div 6

Max Van-Balen

  • 11 years 100m – Div 1
  • 11 years 200m – Div 1

Hunter Knight

  • 11 years Discus – Div 1

Lachlan McGeever

  • 11 years 100m – Div 7

Tate Connors

  • 11 years 100m – Div 3

Special mention to Harrison Ott in the 12 years for his performances in 200m Div 1, 800m Div 2, 100m Div 2 and his 4 x 100m Relay Div 1.

Well done to all boys.

The Senior members of the Track and Field community will travel to QSAC this Friday for the last event on the GPS Sporting Calendar for 2018.

Thank you to all boys who have participated so far this season. Stretching from the early introductory sessions in Term 1, through to Terms 2 and 3 and the final weeks of Term 4, these boys are to be congratulated on their effort.

There are many notable performances to look forward to this Friday – from sprinters to the middle- distance boys, to the jumpers and throwers. Perhaps the most notable is the highly anticipated performance from the Captain our team – Oscar Sullivan, who will compete in the Discus, Shot Put, Javelin and 4 x 100m. Four very distinct and different disciplines which underpin the extraordinary talent this young man has.

Oscar has been well supported this year by Vice-Captain, Nicholas Yem and our year leaders.

  • Open – Nicholas Erzetic and Nick Beall
  • Under 16 - Keegan Sullivan
  • Under 15 - Ben McMahon
  • Under 14 - Matthew Mitchell
  • Under 13 - Joseph Liddy

Through action and not words these quiet unassuming young men have sought out their mates and encouraged them to commit to Track and Field.

Thank you to the Open age boys who will compete for the final time this Friday. This is a regular group of young men who have represented the College with distinction every year since their commencement at the College. Thank you to all these boys as they draw a close on their Terrace Track and Field journey this Friday night.


A reminder that the team and community will gather in the ‘Sprinters Room’ – immediately after the presentations on Friday evening.

It will be a chance to close the season formally and congratulate and thank the boys publicly.

  • Start time – approximately 8pm
  • Finish time – approximately 9pm
  • Cost – Free of charge
  • Cash Bar available
  • Light finger food being served

Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, William Cook

As my last Captain’s Corner, I’ve decided to reflect on this year and my time at Terrace. The year has had its highs and lows (mostly highs) which I have learnt a lot from.

It was incredible to play in the mighty 6th XV, a team that smashed Churchie by more than 20 points. I’m not sure that I will see a rugby team with more talent in my lifetime! Being a part of a sporting team, Debating team, Future Problem Solving team and Choir have been essential to my time at Terrace. I met most of my friends through participating, friends that I will hopefully have for life. Learning teamwork is a vital part of anyone’s life and I am incredibly grateful to Terrace for giving me so many opportunities to do so and to have so much fun at the same time. To all the coaches and staff that dedicate so much time to Terrace’s excellent co-curricula program, I say thank you.

It was an honour to be in the crowd at Firsts' matches this year, the atmosphere was amazing for every sport. Even when our 1st XV team lost by a single point to Nudgee (a bit of a sore spot for every Terracian), our supporters did not give up on the team. This being said, I had just as much fun watching my buddy Harry tear it up as the 12As fly-half. Through watching sport, I learnt just how passionate the men in the red and black are. This passion has inspired me from my early days at Terrace to give my all and has taught me the value of community. To every Terracian, I say thank you.

It wasn’t just sport this year that was unforgettable. Going to student-run tutoring sessions was a highlight. To be able to see our year working so hard together towards academic achievement was something that I don’t think most schools experience. Over my entire time at Terrace (since the age of nine) striving to be the best that I can be has always been encouraged and supported. To my teachers and peers, I say a massive thank you.

A more unique part of this year for me was sharing my personal struggle on assembly. It wasn’t easy, but I had total faith in this community. This is something that is special about Terrace, I was able to talk about something serious and personal and people listened. So to every member of staff and every student, I say thank you.

I will miss this school so much.

Terrace Ladies Group

TLG Thanksgiving Mass – Friday 3 November 9.30am

A special event in the year is our end of year TLG Thanksgiving Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Family, followed by Morning Tea in the Founders’ room; all are welcome to join us for this special event. Year 12 mothers have their annual lunch on afterwards at Gambaro restaurant.

Assistance Needed - Year 12 End of Year Celebrations

In the next couple of weeks the TLG will be emailing to seek assistance for some end of school matters for the Year 12 boys. As such, help is sought from those with sons in Years 5-11 for wrapping gifts for the Year 12 boys on Monday 13 November from 9am in the Founders’ Room. Assistance will also be sought for some of the setting up for the Valedictory Dinner in City Hall on Friday 17 November, from 1.30pm.

Assistance Needed - Uniform Shop 2018 New Students

As always, the TLG is helping the Terrace Uniform Shop with fitting out our new Terracians with their uniforms to start school in 2018. The Uniform Shop is looking for help over four weeks, commencing 24 October through to Friday 17 November. It is a lovely thing to serve the new boys coming to Terrace. They are always so excited and the new parents gain a lot from asking questions of existing mothers. Thank you to the ladies who have already signed up. There are still spaces needing to be filled though, so if you can help at all please go to the volunteer sign-up sheets below:

College Staff Christmas Lunch – Tuesday 28 November

The annual Staff Christmas Lunch is a wonderful celebration of our staff in appreciation for all their efforts and support of our boys throughout the year. The TLG hosts this through the generosity of our families with contributions of help on the day, food and monetary donations. More details on this will be distributed in the next few weeks, along with links to volunteer sign-on pages.

Parent Directory

As the year is speeding towards its conclusion, I feel it timely to remind our families to ensure their details are included on the Parent Directory. This is an opt-in situation, your contact details are not automatically included in the Parent Directory. To ensure you remain in touch with your year level cohort, please go to your Parent Directory listing on the Parent Lounge and select the details you wish to share. This is how you do it:

Parent Lounge - Parent Details - Parent Directory - then select “Maintain” at the “My Parent Listing”. Then you need to select to “Share” which aspect of your listing you want public – be sure to “Save Changes”.

The College App provides more details instructions for how to ensure your details are included in the Directory.

There are still many blank spaces in the Directory across all year levels so if you notice friends without their details on the electronic version, please send them a reminder perhaps. The Parent Directory is a fundamental component of the College’s inclusive community so it is vital we have the information at hand.

Canteen Convenor Required

We are looking to fill the position of Canteen Convenor for Tennyson. This is a paid role and has been advertised on the Jobs@Terrace page on the College website and on Seek. If you are interested or you know someone that might be, you can email me at for further information or communicate through the advertised channels.

Coming up

  • Friday 3 November – TLG Thanksgiving Mass and Year 12 Mothers’ Lunch
  • Tuesday 28 November – Staff Christmas Lunch
Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson | 0404 806 932

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Mr Gerry Brown - Father of Mr Glenn Brown, Property Manager

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the welfare of:

Mr John Jeffers, GT 1946-50

Mr James Elliott, GT 1986-93

Terrace Shop


Find all your upcoming Terrace event details here!

Date and Time: Saturday 28 October | 10am - 4pm
Where: Estee Lauder Corporate Store | 33 Park Rd Milton
Cost: $10 (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 27 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Joan Hyams | | 0413 683 117

Estee Lauder Shopping - Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 28 October | 4.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: The Boatshed | Tennyson
Cost: Free | Finger food & drinks provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 27 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Lisa Klemenc |

Rowing Welcome Night - Book Here

Date and Time: Monday 6 November | 6.30pm for 7pm start
Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

All members of the Terrace Family who left Terrace 50 years ago or more are warmly invited to attend this special event.
Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 10am
Where: College Hall | Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday 2 November via contacts below:
e: or p: 3214 5481

Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 5.45pm - 8pm
Where: Centenary Pool
Cost: Free | Dinner & drinks provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 3 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Michael MacDermott |

Come & Try Swimming - Register Here

Date and Time: 14, 21 & 23 November | 4pm - 5.30pm | Victoria Park & 26 November | 8.30am - 12.30pm | Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: $65 (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 training sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaches & a game day with lunch provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 7 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Yr 5 Cricket Orientation - Book Here

Please note this booking link is for new students to Terrace only. Current families will book via Parent Lounge.
Date and Time: 16, 20 & 22 November | 4pm - 5.30pm | Victoria Park & 26 November | 8.30am - 12.30pm | Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: $65 (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 training sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaches & a game day with lunch provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 9 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Year 7 Cricket Orientation - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 17 November | 6.30pm
Where: Main Auditorium | Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
Cost: $115pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 course meal & non-alcoholic beverages
Alcohol free evening. Maximum of 3 tickets per student can be purchased (student + 2 guests)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 8 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jo Tarlington | | 3214 5203

Valedictory Dinner - Book Here

Date and Time: Sunday 26 November | 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields | Vivian St Tennyson
RSVP: No RSVP required - simply turn up!
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

The Terrace Cookbook is the perfect gift for any number of different reasons - it would make a thoughtful and useful keepsake for boys departing Terrace, a fabulous Christmas present, or something to treat yourself and inspire your Christmas season cooking!

Terrace Cookbook - Buy Here

Please note this registration process is for new students in 2018 only. Current student registration via Parent Lounge.
Date and Time: 11, 12 & 13 December | Years 5 - 6 - 7am - 9.30am | Years 7 - 12 - 9.30am - noon
Where: Victoria Park Training Facility
Cost: $75 (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 skill development sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaching staff
RSVP: Please RSVP Friday 8 December 2017
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Terrace Cricket Holiday Clinic 2 - Book Here

Please note this registration process is for new students in 2018 only. Current students registration via Parent Lounge.
Date and Time: 11 & 12 January | Years 5 - 6 - 7am - 9.30am | Years 7 - 12 - 9.30am - noon
Where: Victoria Park Training Facility
Cost: $50 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 skill development sessions under the guidance of Cricket Australia accredited coaching staff
RSVP: Please RSVP Monday 8 January 2018
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Tom O'Malley |

Terrace Cricket Holiday Clinic 3 - Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Read here for event details and booking links for the various Term 4 parent social functions.

Year 7 Parent Coffee Morning

Date and Time: Friday 27 October | 8.30am - 10.30am
Where: Victoria Park Bar & Bistro | 283 Herston Rd Herston
Cost: Free | Order as you go
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Simone Long | | 0409 891 415

Year 10 Mothers' End of Year Lunch

Date and Time: Friday 27 October | 12.30pm - 4pm
Where: Watt | Brisbane Powerhouse 119 Lamington St New Farm
Cost: $115 (+ booking fees) for 2 course lunch & 2 hour drinks package
RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 16 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Yr 10 Lunch - Book Here

Year 5 End of Year Parent Function

Date and Time: Friday 27 October | 7.30pm - 11pm
Where: The Alliance Hotel | 320 Boundary St Spring Hill
Cost: $35 | $5 per ticket donated towards The Cassady Fund
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 20 October
Please deposit into account below with surname as reference:
Account Name: DP & MM Wright BSB: 084-004 Account No: 39-561-3150 (NAB)
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Louise Weir | | 0423 007 767

Year 8 End of Year Christmas Drinks

Date and Time: Saturday 4 November | 6.30pm - 11pm
Where: Gambaro Hotel | 33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace
Cost: $25 (+booking fees) | Includes canapes. Cash bar
RSVP:Back on sale! Please book by Friday 27 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jane Correnti | | 0416 216 402

Yr 8 Xmas Drinks - Book Here

Year 9 End of Year Lunch

Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 11.30am
Where: Mrs Brown's | 32 Commercial Rd Newstead
Cost: $35 (+booking fees) | Includes lunch
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 3 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Simone Hiley | | 0417 726 869

Yr 9 End of Year Lunch - Book Here

Community Information

Tuesday morning Mass

Tuesday 31 October

Commemorative Mass remembering those from the Terrace Family who have faithfully departed.

Earlier start time of 7.45am in the Chapel of the Holy Family.

Special Offer

When you purchase two packs of cards using the code GT1000 you’ll receive a third pack of cards for FREE. That’s six days of work for the women of Railaco.