Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

In 2019 the new Senior Curriculum pathway (ATAR) will be introduced into Queensland schools, replacing the current OP system.

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

With the commencement of August some hallmarks of Brisbane including the EKKA and the winter westerlies are nearly upon us.

At this week’s College Assembly I had the opportunity to thank and farewell Mrs Evelyn Looney, College Book Hire Coordinator. Evelyn has been a member of the Terrace staff for 25 years. Her contribution to Terrace has been significant, in particular the care and the attention she has devoted to providing our young men with the textbooks and novels they require for their studies over those 25 years. On behalf of all within the Terrace community, both past and present, I thank Evelyn and wish her all the very best with her journey beyond Terrace.

Continuing on with staff news, we also farewelled Miss Georgia Power from the Sports Office. I thank Georgia for her contribution to Terrace Sport and wish her all the best for the next stage of her career journey. With the departure of Evelyn and Georgia the following appointments have been made:

Book Hire Coordinator: Ms Ellyse Mackenroth

Sports Assistant: Mrs Cerene Hughes

In 2019 the new Senior Curriculum pathway (ATAR) will be introduced into Queensland schools, replacing the current OP system. The current Year 9 students will be the first year group to graduate with an ATAR in 2020. On Tuesday, an Information Evening was held for parents of students in Years 7, 8, and 9. Over 700 people attended this important meeting and listened to Mrs Julie Quinn outline the new program, compare it to the current OP system and outline the key decisions that Terrace has made in preparing for this new Senior Schooling program. Whilst much information was given on the night, I have summarised below some of the key initiatives that Terrace is doing to best prepare our students for this new system:

  • Year 10 students will remain at Waterford.
  • Year 10 Immersion will be held in Term 2.
  • Senior School Subject Selection will occur in Term 2 of Year 10.
  • The teaching of Senior School subjects will begin in Semester 2 of Year 10.
  • Students will study six (6) subjects.
  • Compulsory Senior School subjects will be at least one stream of Mathematics, at least one stream of English and Study of Religion (SOR).
  • Study of Religion (SOR) will be introduced into the curriculum and replace Religion and Ethics (RE).
  • Three (3) levels of Mathematics will be available – General Mathematics, Mathematics Methods and Specialist Mathematics.
  • Potentially, three (3) levels of English will be available – English, Literature and Literature Extension.
  • There may be the addition of some other subjects into the Senior School Curriculum. Exact subject offerings are still to be finalised. However, it is envisaged that the curriculum offerings will be similar to what is currently offered.
  • All subjects will consist of three (3) pieces of internal assessment and one (1) piece of external assessment.
  • All internal assessment needs to be endorsed by the QCAA and results later confirmed.
  • For all Maths and Science subjects, the external assessment exam will be worth 50% of the total mark. For all other subjects, the external assessment will be worth 25% of the total marks.
  • It is likely that external exams for Year 12 will be held in Weeks 4, 5 and 6 of Term 4.
  • The teaching of Year 12 work will finish sometime in Term 3 of Year 12 and an external exam preparation program will commence - this is significantly earlier than what currently occurs. This timing may vary with individual subjects.
  • It is envisaged that the end of Year 12 processes such as Graduation, Farewell Assembly etc. will occur in Week 7 of Term 4.
  • There may be changes to the student leadership program and the GPS sporting program; however, details are still to be finalised.

The College will continue to develop an ATAR program and will communicate key aspects to the College community. My thanks to Mrs Julie Quinn, the Heads of Faculty, the members of the Senior Schooling Committee and the College Leadership Team for their work in this area thus far.

Tomorrow night the Year 12 Drama class will be presenting their performances as part of the Winterfest program. I congratulate all involved in this production.

Finally, this week, I wish to highlight some outstanding student performances that have been recorded in recent weeks. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the following young men on their appointments for Track and Field:

Captain: Oscar Sullivan

Vice Captain: Nick Yem

Secondly, at College Assembly this week we acknowledged and congratulated Nick Erzetic, Captain of Cross-Country, for winning the GPS Open Race earlier this year. The ringing of the “Champion’s Bell” was part of Nick’s acknowledgement. Well done Nick.

Also, at College Assembly this week we acknowledged two young men for their outstanding success at International level. Guowen Zhang (Year 11) was selected to compete in the Mathematics Olympiad in Brazil. Guowen was awarded the Silver Medal for Australia in this event. This is an extraordinary effort, particularly considering that Guowen is only 15 years old and will be eligible for the team again next year. Well done Guowen.

Finally, we had the opportunity to acknowledge Oscar Sullivan (Year 12) who recently competed in the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas. Oscar competed in the Javelin event and won a Bronze medal with a throw of 66.92m. This is also an extraordinary effort. Oscar will lead the Terrace Track and Field team in 2017. Well done Oscar.

Have a great week.

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll

College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Read more for staff news.

Staff News

Best wishes to Mrs Cath Griffin who commences some well- deserved long service leave next week. During the remainder of the term, Mrs Madonna Effeney, former Barrett House Dean will be returning to work with our gifted and talented Maths students that Mrs Griffin leads so well.

Congratulations to Ms Ellyse Mackenroth and Mrs Cerene Hughes on their recent appointments as College Book Hire Coordinator and Sports Administrator respectively. We wish them well in these two key service roles in the College.

Congratulations to Mr Luke Robba and Mr Andrew Stormonth who have been appointed to the inaugural positions of English Coordinator Years 7 to 9 and Religious Education Coordinator Years 7 to 9 for the commencement of the 2018 school year. These two large and complex faculties will be enhanced by the development of these two new roles to work in partnership with the Head of Faculty and teaching teams and we look forward to Mr Robba’s and Mr Stormonth’s contributions.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Students share their study success strategies.

Inspirational Stories

During Friday lunch time last week, we had the privilege to meet with boys in Years 7, 8 and 9 who were recognised as students who had made significant improvements to their Term 2 results compared with their Term 1 results. This setting gave the opportunity to ask boys about the strategies that have placed them in a position to make this significant improvement. The stories shared around the table were most remarkable. Examples of young people being determined to invest time into their studies through their own choice were highlights of the messages.

Listed below are some of their strategies:

  • I started my revision earlier
  • Kept on practising
  • Put more effort into subjects that I did not like
  • Paid attention more in class as I was not happy with the Term 1 results.
  • Did my assignments earlier which gave me more revision time
  • Concentrated more in class
  • Made a study plan
  • Divided the checklist into three parts and focussed on each part in turn
  • Talked with my teachers more
  • Gave myself a reward after completing set tasks
  • Used the checklist
  • Went to tutoring

Years 7, 8 and 9

Many thanks to all the parents who attended the information evening on Senior Schooling 2019 and beyond. We trust that this presentation gave some insights into the new system and the planning we have done around this new system to date. As we plan further, we will continue to update parents.

Year 10

All students in Year 10 should now have a booklet outlining the content and assessment for Senior subjects. This booklet also has details of individual interview times that will be held with a Head of Faculty, Dean of Waterford or Career’s counsellor. The information in the booklet should be read carefully prior to attending the subject information evening next Monday August 7 at 6pm in the Campbell Centre.

Year 12

On Wednesday our Year twelve students attempted a multiple choice paper in preparation for their practice papers on August 14 and 15. The multiple choice papers will be marked and results returned to the boys. Again, I commend our Seniors on their continued focussed approach to their QCS preparation.

Tracking and Mentoring - Year 5 to Year 12

Identified students from the reporting from term two continue to be monitored. A number of boys have met and will meet with staff around their academic outcomes. In particular, meetings will take place with boys who have lost or gained considerable academic ground across the terms.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Five-second moments for parents of teenage boys.

Our Year 11 cohort had the privilege to listen to a well-known friend of the College in Br Damien Price during the week on the topic of leadership within the school context. Br Price has spent many years working in Christian Brothers schools in Queensland and was one of the key staff involved in starting up the Big Brekkie and many of the current retreat programs experienced by the boys here at Terrace. As a person who has taught and coached thousands of boys over the years his comments in an article, “Five-second moments for parents of teenage boys”, published by the Archdiocese of Brisbane recently, holds strong currency in my view. The full article can be found here.

Br Price makes several suggestions for five second moments but his concept of “shadow boxing” is a simple effective way of connecting with teenage boys. There will come a time when the boys become “too cool” for the hugs, high fives or even holding hands. It’s at this time when the shadow boxing concept can fill the void. It’s that time when a parent “walks along the side of the sports field, approaches the son on the edge of a group, and without stopping ruffles the hair and keeps going. That five-second choice (and it takes many forms) says to the lad: I love you! I am proud of you! I am here for you!”. The inner radar of boys makes note of this and stores it away for a psychologically rainy day.

We have received some very positive feedback from parents about the School TV website that explores the important topic of child well-being. The current issue unpicks the potentially destructive issue of “Internet Addiction”. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and other leading experts in the field discuss problematic internet use in this month’s edition. If you haven’t been able to take five minutes to have a look at the resource I encourage you to do so. The link can be found on the Terrace App under the “Notices” menu.

Head of Campus Ministry | Mr Paul Antenucci

Kairos is an opportunity to take a breather in the midst of the busyness of Year 12.

Year 12 Kairos Retreat

Last Tuesday evening marked the conclusion of the fourth and final Year 12 Kairos retreat for 2017. Over 100 students, parents and staff gathered as a group of Year 12s completed their last formative experience at the Gregory Terrace Outdoor Education Centre.

The Kairos retreat is the last event in which Year 12s are invited to participate at the GTOEC at Maroon Dam. The students are challenged to clear all distractions and worries about life back in Brisbane and be fully present to each aspect of the retreat. Through talks from leaders, self reflection and small group discussions, we aim to support personal growth by:

  • Knowledge of self and others
  • Humility in shared challenges and sacred stories and
  • Wisdom in God’s Love and applying their new insight to the rest of their lives’.

Kairos is an opportunity to take a breather in the midst of the busyness of Year 12. It is a place where young men can ask honest questions and seek honest answers in an environment where others are permitted to do the same, with an understanding that nobody has it all figured out.

The 'success' of the Kairos Retreat depends mainly on the willingness of the participants to engage in the activities both individually and collectively. We present the 'carpe diem' (seize the day) challenge to them in the very beginning of the retreat. When the students take up this challenge, it is very special to be a part of the retreat as a leader and that was definitely the case for this year’s participants.

Congratulations to all participants who have chosen to make this a priority in the midst of the busyness and distractions of day-to-day life. A special thank you to all of the staff leaders, the College Leadership Team and GTOEC staff for making this possible.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Mentoring is best when it's early and often.

Week 3 was such an exciting week for the College as we celebrated a record number of medal winners, not just for results but also for those from their respective year levels who had made the most improvement in studies. The week past also was an opportunity for Student/Teacher mentoring to take place. Mentoring is a significant component of the pastoral system for our young men at Terrace. Through all our year levels, academic mentoring took focus with tutors and class teachers taking the time to work through each student’s results and to plan ahead with strategies for progress in mind.

This particular mentoring exercise may have been specifically academic but having in place constant mentoring in all areas of school life for young men that takes place each and every day is a special feature of the Terrace community. Edutopia argues that ‘mentoring is best when it is early and often’. The culture in place at Terrace is that there is constant communication with our young men to provide them with skills and knowledge that can used in the days and years to come. These skills may be in the classroom, the school yard or even in our interactions on the sporting field.

Last week, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit and volunteer at Food Bank. Twenty students experienced being a volunteer and to help pack food and supplies for families where food security is not high. Next week, Years 5 and 6 students will be beginning their annual Food Bank Drive and families are asked to donate non-perishable items, such as canned food. These items can be brought into your son’s core classroom or to the boxes in the Billet St Offices next to the Tuckshop. There has been a fantastic response for the past two years and this year is being well supported already.

Next Wednesday, Year 6 will take part once again in the annual Gerard Butler Shield. Students from Year 6 will make their way to Tennyson to take part in the touch/rugby matches to continue honouring the life of Gerard Butler who died while a student here in Year 7 in 1994; a special tradition of this College.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


Congratulations to the Senior A Theatresports team win! They are now through to the semi finals. This will be at Waterford Place on Tuesday 22 August. Support from the Terrace community is always appreciated. Good luck to our Seniors, Connor, Jack, Will, Patrick, Joe and Captain Alex.

GPS Junior Day of Excellence "Vicki Sargent Concert"

Terrace was represented by 22 young musicians at this annual event. After a day of workshops and rehearsing, the ten GPS schools performed for their families at a concert. This concert is in memory of one of our long standing staff members and previous Director of Culture, Miss Vicki Sargent.

We look forward to seeing our young men move on to join the GPS Music Showcase in the coming years.

Chess Rapid 2

The second Terrace Rapid Chess day will be Sunday 27 August. Preregistration to by 25August.

Earn and Learn

We are collecting Earn and Learn for Milpera Special School. The box is outside the Sport and Culture Office!

Support Group Meetings

DSG Meeting – Tuesday 12 September, 5.30pm, Old Boys Room

Please register your apologies via

TPA Meeting – Tuesday 12September, 5.30pm, Callan Centre

Please register your apologies via

Director of Music | Mr Brad Esbensen

All our ensembles are focusing on preparations for the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival.

On Tuesday, 22 of our younger musicians represented Terrace at the GPS Music Day of Excellence (Years 5-7) that took place at Nudgee College. Students spent the day rehearsing as part of either the Concert Band, String Orchestra or Choir. The boys worked very well throughout the day, which ended with an evening concert that was well attended. Thanks to the Terrace Music staff who assisted throughout the day and congratulations to all our musicians who participated and proudly represented Terrace.

All our ensembles are focusing on preparations for the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) which will take place at Villanova College from Thursday 17 August to Sunday 20 August. This is our “grand final” event for music and as such, it is expected that these performances take priority. Please ensure that music is being practised at home and that rehearsals are attended regularly. Parent Lounge notifications and Event Memos have been posted this week and we would appreciate prompt responses to assist us in the logistical preparations for such a large event. A Music Spirit Assembly will take place at the College on Thursday 17 August, just prior to QCMF, and will involve performances from our premier ensembles.

In preparation for QCMF, the Strings will be having a Showcase Concert next Wednesday evening, 9 August, in the Edmund Rice Theatre at Waterford Place. Event Memos were posted earlier this week outlining details for the event.

Congratulations to the Black Concert Band, under the direction of Mr Craig Dabelstein, for their performance on College Assembly this week. Next week, the 1st Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Mr Matt Cocking, will perform.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture| Music.

Term 3 Events

  • Book Week, Waterford String Quartet, Friday 4 August, Library, 7.15am
  • Strings Showcase, Wednesday 9 August, Edmund Rice Theatre, 6pm
  • Red Thunder Drumline, Rugby GT v TSS, Saturday 12 August, Tennyson Playing Fields
  • Music Spirit Assembly, Thursday 17 August, Campbell Centre
  • QCMF, Thursday 17 August – Sunday 20 August, Villanova College
  • Red Thunder Drumline, Rugby GT v TGS, Saturday 2 September, Tennyson Playing Fields
  • Red Thunder Drumline and Terrace Rock, Rugby GT v BBC, Saturday 9 September, Tennyson Playing Fields

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Ringing the bell!

Congratulations / Acknowledgements

At Tuesday’s assembly, the College recognised and congratulated some of the young men of our community for their performances, abilities and selections in front of their peers.

In Gymnastics, Ned Jessop and Lachlan Mitchell were congratulated for their leadership positions at the GPS Championships for Gymnastics late in Term 2.

Gymnastics is available for all boys - Years 5 through to 12 and caters for all levels and abilities, introductory through to advanced. Gymnastics information is currently being updated and will be emailed to the whole school in Week 5. Information can also be sourced via the Gymnastics tab on the College App -> SPORT -> Gymnastics in the coming week.

Congratulations Ned and Lachlan.

Water Polo is not a sport instantaneously recognised with Terrace or GPS sport. However, two of our young men were presented and congratulated on their selections in the Australian Representative teams on Tuesday.

Lachlan Steains and Reilly Townsend have been selected to represent Australia and travel to Montenegro, Serbia and Slovakia to compete in International tournaments. Well done Lachlan and Reilly.

Ring the Bell

The College had the opportunity to congratulate formally Nick Erzetic who was the individual race winner of the Open 6km race at the GPS Cross Country Championships held in Term 2. Nick completed the course in 19 minutes and 41 seconds, which was an outstanding performance on the challenging course at Limestone Park to record first place.

Nick’s performance has been recorded on the Championship Bell, a trophy which recognises victories by Terrace men in our Championship events of Swimming, Rowing, Cross Country, Gymnastic and Track and Field. Well done Nick. Let’s hope you and many of your fellow Track and Field Athletes perform strongly at the GPS Track and Field Championships on 27 October at QSAC, and have your names recorded on the bell. There are 20 plaques on the bell now recognizing victories. Let’s hope for a big haul coming again soon.

A different approach to leadership has been initiated in Track and Field due to the multi-disciplined event and spread of contact through eight different year/age levels. Boys who are representatives of their age levels have been identified and selected as age level leaders. These young men will act as a point of contact for their peers and be the conduits of information sharing.

Congratulations to Joseph Liddy Under 13, Matthew Mitchell Under 14, Ben McMahon Under 15, Keegan Sullivan Under 16, Nick Erzetic and Nick Beall, Opens.

The Track and Field Leadership of Captain and Vice Captain was also announced with Oscar Sullivan being selected as Captain and Nick Yem as Vice Captain of Track and Field in 2017. Congratulations to all the boys.

Track and Field Season

A reminder for all that training is well underway and boys should be identifying opportunities to train. If boys are currently in Rugby or Basketball, and still wish to represent in Track and Field then a balance between activities needs to be found. One session per week for Track and Field is satisfactory whilst in another inseason activity. If a boy is not in Rugby or Basketball and is interested in Track and Field, then he should be attending all Track and Field sessions specific to the discipline in which he would like to compete, to reap the benefits later in October.

The Weekly Wrap

The Round 3 Wrap

Rugby Wrap

This weekend we are away to IGS in the GPS fixture. We will also play all supplementary games away against TGS, BBC ACGS and NC.

As we head into Round 4 of the GPS competition it's important to remember what is expected of our players, coaches, parents and spectators.


  • Play by the rules
  • Cooperate with and respect game officials and their decisions.
  • Abstain from verbal abuse, distraction, or provoking of officials or other players – see section on Sledging below.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated and respect the property of others.
  • Leave the field immediately and without dissent when temporarily suspended (Yellow Card) or Sent off (Red Card).
  • Abstain from excessive encouragement of team-mates.


  • Set a good example for all players.
  • Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual and team skills.
  • Ensure your players are friendly towards officials and opponents.
  • Remove from the field of play, any of your players whose behaviour is unacceptable.

Parents and Spectators

  • Provide a model of good behaviour for all players.
  • Demonstrate courtesy towards all players, all officials, and all spectators.
  • Encourage honest effort, skilled performance, and team loyalty.
  • Let game officials conduct the match without interference yet be willing to provide assistance if requested.

An important reminder that Training is not optional, if your son is unable to make training he is required to let his coach know or contact the Sport Office.

Round 3 results

Representative Sport

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our primary students nominate via City Dist. and our secondary students via

Nth Independent or in some cases Met Nth direct depending on the sport. Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

City District Term 2 Sports are

  • Cricket date 18 August –Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 11 August

Direct nominations to Met Nth Sports are

  • Cricket date 5 September – Open to 13-14 years. Nominations close Friday 1 September
  • Track & Field date 22 and 23 August – Open toall 13-19 years. Nomination close Friday 11 August

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact: or click on the below link

Thanks for your support.

Exceptional Learners | Ms Karin Coleshill

​NCCD- Nationally Consistent Collection of Data.

New government policies have mandated that every school submits disability data to a central collection point. To follow this legislation Terrace will be contributing the following information.

What does disability mean? This new national data collection will reinforce the actions required of schools under the National Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education 2005. The significant change with this collection is the use of a broader definition of disability than the one currently used to identify and allocate resources in educational systems. This legislation stipulates schools and education systems to make, where appropriate, reasonable adjustments for students with disability.

What is an adjustment? An adjustment is a measure or action taken to assist a student with disability to participate in education on the same basis as other students. Adjustments can be made across the whole school setting, in the classroom and at the individual level.

What information will be collected? In 2017 the data will be collected on 4 August and will include:

• Total number of school students

• Number of students with a disability by school level enrolment (primary/secondary)

• Number of students within disability type (physical, social, cognitive or sensory)

• Level of adjustment provided (within differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial, and extensive)

Information will be recorded in such a way to be sure that no child can be identified.

Student names will not be collected centrally, only numbers are submitted.

Further information can be found at the website

Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Bill Bingham

Together we are 18 000 strong.

With five minutes left and at one point down, it was looking bleak. Sitting in the stands spectating the 1st VX game on the weekend, the Terrace supporters had the front row seats to the Churchie onslaught. Churchie, a school that we haven't beaten away in at least five games, were continually advancing on our try line. As a spectator, I felt useless. Our 1sts were holding on by the skin of their teeth and there was nothing I felt I could do. Nonetheless the Terrace supporters fell back on what we do best and we yelled for what felt like an eternity. Although didn't feel like it was doing much, the 1sts came off the field expressing their gratitude and claimed that "it was the Terrace support which got us over the line."

Even though it is obvious what to do and how to go about supporting a rugby team, I think support of our mates runs a lot deeper. Coming into a time where a lot of assignments are due and revision needs to start, support for our mates, both on and off the field is imperative.

Any support is good support, so if you can't watch on the weekend that isn't an excuse not to support. I implore you to ask your mates about their assignments, or encourage them to start revision. It isn't hard to give out, but the impact of such small actions is not hard to see. We beat Churchie by one point. Support can make all the difference. Together we are 18 000 strong.

Terrace Ladies Group

Read more for all the events coming up for the TLG.

TLG Mothers Retreat | Monday 7 August | The Pavilion Tennyson Playing Fields

RSVPs closed on Tuesday 1 August for the Tai Chi and delicious brunch at Tennyson this coming Monday 7 August. Arrival is 9.15am for a 9.30am start and should be concluded by 11.30am. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, no active wear necessary. If you are wanting to come but missed the cut off day for RSVPs, please email me at and I will make arrangements for you to attend.

Spring Luncheon | 1 September | Hillstone, St Lucia

Tickets go on sale this Tuesday morning 9am.

Invitations to be emailed this Friday 4 August with a link to Try-Booking. The invitation will also be available on the College Events page Tuesday morning with the link to Try-Booking.

Tickets can be purchased the following ways:

  1. Table captains purchase table/s of 10: Year level to be nominated, any dietary requirements for their companions, number of seats needed on the complimentary buses to the after party at Gambaros.
  2. Individuals purchase seat/seats at a table nominating a table captain and year level.
  3. Individuals purchase a seat/seats nominating a year level if no specific table captain.

Extensive details about the day will be sent with the email and invitation on Friday this week.

Coming Up

7 August – TLG Mothers Retreat – Tai Chi and fresh produce under the Tennyson jacarandas

8 August – tickets for Spring Luncheon go on sale from 9am – see link in College Events Page.

8 August – Etiquette classes for Year 12 Boys (enough helpers, thank you)

8 August – RSVPs due for Year 12 Parent Function (See Events Page on Website)

15 August – Year 12 Formal and Parents Function

29 and 30 August – QCS – Year 12 Mothers to assist with lunch. Email with info on this to be sent shortly.

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson:

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray..

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the souls of:

Mr Christopher PETRIE, GT 1958-1966

Mr Francis Michael RYNNE, GT 1945-1946

Mr Peter Frank WADLEY GT 1942-1949

Mr John Bernard WEBB, GT 1969-1974

Terrace Shop


Your Term 3 Event details are all here!

We wish to connect with Old Boys of the College and preserve the history and heritage of Nudgee Junior. This inaugural event will be an opportunity to follow the journey of Nudgee Junior to the present day of Ambrose Treacy College.
Date and Time: Saturday 12 August | from 4pm
Where: Ambrose Treacy College | Twigg St Indooroopilly
Cost: $40 (+ booking fees) | Includes complimentary drink and food. Cash bar also available.
Book Now!
For further details or enquiries, please contact
njcoldboy@atc.qld, | 3878 0500

Date and Time: Tuesday 15 August | 7.15pm - 11pm
Where: The Charming Squire | 3/133 Grey St South Brisbane
Cost: $40 (+ booking fees) | Includes a range of substantial canapes
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 8 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Paula Galloway | | 0419 677 670

Yr 12 Formal Parents' Function - Book Here

Date and Time: Wednesday 30 August
Where: The Marquee | Victoria Park Golf Compley
Cost: Adults $75 | Students $55 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course meal & drink on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 23 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Anne McMahon | | 0408 481 180
Angela Papacostas | 0411 749 044

Basketball Dinner - Book Here

Westpac Gregory Terrace Golf Day - All members of the Terrace Family welcome

Date and Time: Friday 25 August | Registration begins at 10.30am with a shotgun tee off at 12.15pm
Where: Brisbane Golf Club | 70 Tennyson Memorial Ave Yeerongpilly
Cost: $135 per player (+ booking fees) for golf, BBQ lunch & after game cocktail snacks

Play in support of the Edmund Rice Bursary Fund. A number of high profile sporting identities will be in attendance with *great prizes on offer* including a car for a hole-in-one and the auction of a limited edition Jonathan Thurston Origin piece.

Book 1 place or book for a team of 4. Bookings by 18 August.

For further details or enquiries, please contact
Steven George | | 0411 723 009
Anthony Karam | | 0414 999 486

Westpac GT Golf Day - Book Here

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! All members of the Terrace Family and their guests are warmly invited to attend the inaugural Br Buckley Breakfast, with special guest speaker for 2017 Mr Cameron Clyne, Australian Rugby Union Chairman and former CEO of NAB.
Date and Time: Thursday 12 October | 7am
Where: Brisbane City Hall
Cost: $60 (+ booking fees) | Includes hot breakfast & continuous tea & coffee
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Joe Tooma | GTOBA President |

Br Buckley B'fast - Book Here

Support the Terrace Performing Arts by purchasing a 2017 Entertainment Book. Membership costs just $65 and includes over $20,000 of value for discounts on a huge range of activities & services - such as restaurants, travel and entertainment.

TPA Entertainment Book - Purchase Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Read here for more details about parent social functions throughout Term 3.

Year 10 Mother's Weekend

Date and Time: Saturday 19 August | 12pm - 4.30pm
Where: Sails Restaurant | On the Beachfront Hastings Street Noosa Heads
Cost: $135 for 4 course set menu
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 28 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Year 10 Mother's Weekend - Book Here

Community Information


Friday 11 August 2017


Brisbane Riverloop Run
Riverbar and Kitchen
Eagle Pier, Brisbane

Start Times

Half Marathon (3 laps): 7am
Casual Runners/Walkers (1 lap): 7.30am

Registrations Close

Friday 5 August, 2017

Fun Run - Register or Donate Here