Principal's Message | Acting Principal, Mr Chris Ryan

My congratulations to all on a wonderful Inter-House Athletics Carnival last week. We look forward to the winner's announcement next week. Thank you to all the organisers, staff and parents who make this annual event a success. It is the only time in the year where we all travel together as a community to Tennyson for a day. This tradition is representative of the Terrace story, in that we stand on the shoulders of the Brothers, staff, parents and Old Boys who literally built our home fields. From humble beginnings, Tennyson is a world class facility and it is simply joyous to spend a day under blue skies watching our 2017 Terracians, like so many before them, enjoy their friendships across year levels, interact so positively with staff and celebrate how blessed we are as a community. Thank you to Mr Alan Kennedy, Director of Tennyson and his team for hosting this event.

Thank you to Mr Joe Tooma, President of the GTOBA and his committee for hosting the Brother Barry Buckley Breakfast at City Hall this week. This event has a Leadership and Business focus and it was a pleasure to welcome Mr Cameron Clyne, Chair of the Australian Rugby Union as our guest speaker. Thank you to members of our extended community who supported this event and the Old Boys for their magnificent support of the College.

Congratulations to the Year 11 students who assisted in hosting the Year 7 class of 2018 for their Orientation Evening last Thursday. Meeting our students is the best way to experience Terrace culture and once again, the boys did an outstanding job. Well done to the Seniors of 2018 on this evening and on their presentation and behaviour at their Semi Formal held last Monday night.

A part of the preparation for 2018 is the discernment process in selecting the Senior Leaders for the year. Mr Cuddihy, Mr Brauer and 2017 College Captain, Ryan Gassman and I have had the pleasure of interviewing short listed candidates for the roles of College Captain and Vice Captains and I share, most sincerely, that the standard of these interviews was excellent and it was a humbling experience to meet with these fine Terracians. They and their families and peers have every right to be proud.

It is my privilege to announce these student leadership roles for 2018:

College Captain: Jacob Montaner

College Vice Captains:

Zachary Boland

Thomas Dearlove

Thomas Pappalardo

William Roach

The Terrace Family prays for and congratulates these young men as they prepare for this privilege and opportunity. We wish all of Year 11 well as they prepare for their upcoming Leadership Retreat.

Best wishes,

Mr Chris Ryan

Acting Principal

College Dean | Acting Dean, Mr Damien Fall

The Brisbane Open House event, held last weekend, saw an excellent uptake from the public. A large number of Brisbane’s community came to look through the beautiful Treacy Building. Many of our visitors were Old Boys, for whom the building was out of bounds when they were students at Terrace. They were able to satisfy their curiosity by finally having the opportunity to look through the building that has such a rich history. The Old Boy presence at Saturday’s event was another reminder of the lifelong connection to Terrace that is felt by so many of our students. The Senior cohort is only a small number of weeks away from saying farewell to Terrace and we are hopeful that they retain their fond links to the school. Some of the focus in coming weeks will be on them finishing well and life after their time at Terrace finishes.

Ms Samantha Knott has taken a period of leave and we wish her well at this time. At this stage, Ms Knott will be absent for four weeks, returning in Week 6. In her absence, Mr Derek Cameron has been employed to teach Samantha’s classes and we feel confident that they will be well taught. These unavoidable staffing changes occur on occasions and minimising the impact on student learning is our priority.

Next week, there will be some staffing movements as Dr Carroll’s period of leave comes to an end. Mr Chris Ryan will return to the College Dean role, I will recommence as Dean of Students, Mr Damien Cuddihy will return to Dean of Waterford Place, Mr Mason Hellyer moves back to HOF Human Movement and Mr Rob Sweeper steps down from acting in Mason’s place. The opportunity for staff to act in new roles can be disruptive, but it is an excellent professional experience and actually contributes to the effectiveness of our staff. On behalf of the community, I thank all members of staff who have embraced their new opportunities with such enthusiasm and professionalism.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Assessment Calendars and The Checklist

All students have been issued with their assessment calendars for the term ahead. I strongly encourage boys and parents to review this together so that everyone is aware of the deadlines for each subject

The Checklist on Moodle outlines all learning for each subject for this term. I again encourage boys to use this checklist as if it was an exam – using pen and paper, answering the skills and then checking work against notes and texts.

Mentoring Week

This week was our focus on the mentoring of boys on their Term 3 outcomes. Boys have had and will continue to have conversations with their Tutors around their Term 3 results with the view to sustain or improve their outcomes for the term ahead. Hopefully these conversations will be relayed at home.

Year Level Assemblies

To date, year level assemblies have taken place for all year levels. These assemblies acknowledge boys who have made significant improvement and also give an overview of the outcomes from Term 3 for each year level. This information, coupled with strategies offered, should allow boys to reflect on their own practices and outcomes in order to aid further improvement.

Growth Mindset- Grit

One of the areas of educational interest is around the topic of Growth Mindset.

Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world renowned Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success - a simple idea that makes all the difference.

In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them.

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work - brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. Virtually all great people have had these qualities.

The challenge is for our boys to believe that their efforts will result in their success in whatever venture they choose to pursue.

Below are two links:


Term 3 reports are available on Parent Lounge. These reports show both the result for a subject for the term and the cumulative result across the year to date. With our Celebration of Excellence approaching, the cumulative results will contribute to awards for academic excellence.

It is most encouraging that 424 students, 26 % of the College, will receive awards for academic excellence. This is our highest percentage of recipients to date.

Dean of Students | Acting Dean, Mr Damien Cuddihy

Reidy's Rough Night In

On Monday night, the College hosted the Year 11 Semi-Formal at Friday’s Restaurant at the Riverside Centre. It was an enjoyable night for the Year 11s and their partners and I would like to thank Mrs Jo Tarlington for her organisation of the event. Next week the Year 11s gather for the Leadership camp with their newly appointed College Leaders for 2018.

We have had a number of House events in the first few weeks of this term. Xavier House had a very successful House breakfast at the Victoria Park Golf Club in support of their House Friendship Group, yourtown. Reidy House had their annual “Rough Night In” at Waterford Place, where social workers from Brisbane Youth Service joined them to speak to the boys about the organisation. Kearney have been running a bake sale all week to support Milpera State High School and Magee are heading over to Moreton Island this weekend for the annual “Big Day Out”. It’s great to see the various House groups being active in the community.

This month’s SchoolTV topic examines the issue of pressure, especially around exams. Parents will find advice on how to help students cope with the pressure and how students can work smarter to achieve the results they desire. Diet, exercise and sleep all play an important part in helping a student balance a busy schedule and study smarter. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and reducing anxiety can be achieved through careful planning and having a supportive environment. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg says that when learning to cope with pressure “balance is key when it comes to getting the most out of the brain”. Students need to take responsibility for when to study and when to socialise.” The link to the resource can be found here.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

A Constitutional Convention

‘All that’s scared comes from youth’. Not only are these the words of a song from my favourite band (I wonder when they will next tour), the essence of these words drive me as an educator. Although at times we may experience moments of frustration with our youth, we must treat their energy, passions and creativity as scared. It is these gifts that can become diluted in a complex adult world. This display of youth sacredness was evident in Parliament House last week.

Stevie Deen-Fisher (Year 10) and Lewin Turnbull (Year 11) represented our College and families at the 2017 South East Queensland Schools Constitutional Convention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students. Below is Stevie’s experience of the day. He joined over 150 students in discerning an approach to Constitutional recognition of First Australians.

Last week’s Constitutional Convention at Parliament House was hosted by Mr Brett Nutley, recently appointed Parliament Indigenous Liaison Officer. Mr Nutley is a Mununjali / Yugambeh Man (Beaudesert, Queensland) who will be responsible for improving engagement between Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ and the Queensland Parliament.

Present at the convention were many other invited schools and their Aboriginal and Torres Islander students. The purpose of the gathering was to further enlighten and educate those present in relation to the history of our First People, past injustices and current social and political issues. Most significantly, the students present were presented with the concept of a ‘Treaty’ between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the Australian Government.

A highlight of the gathering was listening to the speeches of students that centred on the possibility of a ‘Treaty’, including the purpose of the treaty and how our First People would benefit from this treaty. From the 17 students who spoke, four were elected to represent the convention in a similar gathering in Canberra later in the year.

Good News of Terrace – Reidy House’s ‘Rough Night In’ with Friendship Group Brisbane Youth Service

Dean of Waterford | Acting Dean, Mr Mason Hellyer

The Year 10 Waterford journey is a significant marker for each Terracian as they progress through the school. It is an opportunity to socially connect as a year, to experience the role of the leader, develop their skills as a student and scholar, gain greater experience of their own strengths and limitations, be challenged on their path to masculinity and importantly, develop an understanding of the wider world beyond themselves. Waterford creates the environment for these opportunities through the Immersion program, academic mentoring, the physical environment and most significantly the everyday interactions between students and staff.

At the start of the final term, we have been working with the Year 10 group to recognise the challenge ahead of finishing the year well, so that Waterford becomes a springboard into their Senior schooling. This can be a challenge as students have returned from a long break outside the ‘classroom’. However, it is one I am sure that the group will embrace.

Next week will see the return of Mr Damien Cuddihy as Dean of Waterford. Thanks to Damien for his support during my brief time as acting Dean. Thanks also must go to the Waterford staff for their professionalism and the students for their support, cooperation and challenge.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Our Year 12 students are on the count down and Term 4 at Terrace goes by very quickly. With assessment almost upon us, one may question where has the time gone already? Our new Year 7 students were welcomed last Thursday with their orientation evening. There were many new faces along with our current Year 6 students about to begin their secondary schooling chapter.

Each term we review our report cards to see how we can improve. This is an exercise that is crucial to planning future success. In the sporting world, there is a review of the past season to assess how the team has performed. With Term 4 being such a short time period of studying, reviewing needs to take place each week. There are not too many people who enjoy surprises, especially when a new topic is taught in the classroom. Like a review, the preview is critical to a person feeling calm and ready for what is to come. If we preview, we feel connected already to the topic, not flustered, but ready for engagement. This will only lead to success.

With Assessment Calendars in circulation, it is important to identify what is important in such a short term. Assignments have been issued and exam calendars will be out before we know it. It is very important that consolidation takes place for all the hard work done in Term 3. They call the third quarter in AFL the premiership quarter, where the game can be won or lost and the third term of our school year is not too dissimilar. Term 4 is about building on the good work completed and achieving the success that is deserved.

This week has been one of reflection as report cards have been delivered. Students should be taking note of where improvements need to be made and work to correct the areas where they may have lost ground.

It is a short and sharp term with much to be gained.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Celebration of Excellence

The Co-curricula program at Terrace is, as we all know, quite extensive. We believe we have the right balance with a College that exhibits success in all areas. On Monday 6 November, we will gather as a family to congratulate the many students who have excelled in the many activities we offer.

Following is a list of the students who will be receiving Cultural honours:




Junior Chess Champion – Years 5 to 6

Lachlan Wood

Mavis McAuliffe Memorial Prize for College Chess Champion

Hughston Parle


The Bill McCulloch Memorial Prize for the Most Improved Year 5 Debater

Daniel Clifford-Thorpe

The Bill McCulloch Memorial Prize for the Most Improved Year 6 Debater

Harry Barnes

GTOBA Prize for Years 7 and 8 Debating

Luke Ames

Most Outstanding Performance at GPS or QDU Debating

• Years 9 and 10

Scott Moran

• Senior A

Isaac Wade

Craig Andrews Memorial Trophy for Senior Debating

Lachlan Dunk

Service Award to Debating

Bill Bingham


The Broadcast Services, Brisbane Award for Service to Film and Television

Nick Fury


Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Percussion Ensemble

• Percussion Ensemble 3

Elvis Shields

• Percussion Ensemble 2

William Sharkey

• 1st Percussion Ensemble

Patrick Sharkey

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Athletic Bands

• Red Thunder Drumline

Charlie Newman

• Red Peppers Pep Band

Tobias Mohr

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Choirs

• Eunice Wilkes Terrace Youth Choir Prize

Edward Heffernan

• Terrace Vocal Ensemble Prize

Alexander O'Meally

• Terrace Singers Prize

Alexander Gillard

• Terrace Choir Prize

Scott Moran

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to String Ensembles

• Callan Red String Ensemble Prize

Max Beckmann

• Callan Black String Ensemble Prize

Ben Ames

• Waterford Strings Prize

Baden Forster

• Waterford Soloists Prize

Nicholas Williams

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Big Bands

• Red Big Band Prize

Bernard King

• Black Big Band Prize

James Cameron

• Terrace Jazz Orchestra Prize

Simon Hatton

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Concert Bands

• Red Concert Band Prize

Thomas Nunn-Rutledge

• Black Concert Band Prize

Oscar Lukin

• Symphonic Wind Ensemble Prize

Patrick Sharkey

Terrace Performing Arts Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Music Examinations - Instrumental

James Weidinger


Br F Magee Memorial Prizes for Public Speaking

• Junior Award

Will Ames and Charlie Cross

• Intermediate Award

Luke Ames

• Senior Award

Lachlan Dunk


Outstanding Performance School Musical

Robbie Harris

Outstanding Performance (Junior)

Luke Evans

Outstanding Performance (Senior)

Fergus Gregg

Prize for Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Co-curricula Theatre

Alex Cummins

Theatresports Award

Alex Cummins and Jack Kimmins

Terrace Performing Arts Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Australian Music Examinations - Speech and Drama



Outstanding Commitment and Contribution to Visual Art

Emil Cooper


This has been a very successful year for our Theatresports team with two progressing to the Grand Finals. Please note the corrected date for the finals: Sunday 29 October at La Boite Theatre. We still have tickets available for the Junior Final. If you would like to support our team, please contact .

Jailhouse Rock

Tickets are selling very quickly for this year’s Jailhouse Rock at Boggo Road Gaol. If you would like to attend, please follow this link: Book Here .
If you are attending and would like to volunteer some time, please click here.

Support Group Meetings

DSG Meeting – Tuesday 7November, 5.30pm, Old Boys Room

Please register your apologies via

TPA Meeting – Tuesday 7 November, 5.30pm, Callan Centre

Please register your apologies via

Director of Music | Mr Brad Esbensen

Last weekend, the Red Thunder Drumline and Fanfare Trumpet Team performed at the official opening of Festitalia! at Newmarket. They performed for the various dignitaries present including the Lord Mayor and Italian Ambassador. Congratulations to these young men on the way they represented Terrace Music in the wider community.

This evening we have our final Chamber Music Concert for the year and wish all performers the very best.

On Monday 16 October, we will be holding a special workshop for featured artists who will be performing at this year’s Celebration of Excellence. Email notifications will be sent to those involved.

Next week we have our annual Jazz Night held at Boggo Road Gaol and will feature all of our jazz groups. Our special guest artist for the evening is Dean Vegas, Australia’s number one Elvis impersonator. This will be a great evening as always and if you would like to join us and “do time on the inside”, book your tickets through College Events.

We have very recently discovered an issue with the new emailing program that is currently in the process of being resolved. Could you please check Parent Lounge for events (listed below) as there are a number of emails that are not being delivered.

The Terrace Jazz Orchestra will perform on College Assembly next week.

Please see below for the list of Term 4 events. Please remember to accept tour notifications as they are sent through Parent Lounge and check Event Memos (available through the Terrace App).

Term 4 Events

Chamber Music Concert: Thursday 12 October, 6 - 7.30pm, Edmund Rice Theatre, Waterford Place

Celebration of Excellence Featured Artists Workshop (invited students): Monday 16 October, 9am – 3pm, Music Dept.

Jazz Night (TJO, TJC, Red and Black Big Bands): Boggo Road Gaol, Friday 20 October

Spring Concert (Years 5 and 6 Bands and Strings, Callan Red and Black String Ensembles, Red and Black Concert Bands, Terrace Youth Choir): Wednesday 25 October, 6 - 7.30pm, Main Campus

Celebration of Excellence Rehearsal Week (SWE, Waterford Strings and Soloists, Terrace Choir), Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November): 7 – 8.15am, Music Dept.

Celebration of Excellence, Monday 6 November, all day, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright


Ric Charlesworth, coach of the Hockeyroos, has often been asked to speak to organisations and businesses regarding the core values that underpinned the Hockeyroos’ success. Sport, he says, has an imperative of being the best, which serves to mobilise resources and energies. It is this focus on being the best that is the foundation of the philosophy and behaviours of champion teams. It requires some of the important ingredients which can transform good practice into best practice.


Best teams know quality, they practise it; they stand for it and can reproduce it under pressure.

Training and work ethic

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. Training at the edge of one’s capacity ensures that improvements are made – to get an appropriate training effect you must train harder than the game.


For team success, individuals must be able to cope with changes and be able to do more than one job. The Hockeyroos were expected to play on the right, or left, to defend and attack.

Growth through adversity

Athletes, the good ones, learn from their mistakes, and grow in stature and experience from adversity. Ability to analyse and evaluate is crucial and mistakes should be considered learning opportunities.

Breadth of leadership

All members of a team and their ability to contribute must be valued. Every member of the Hockeyroos was encouraged to behave like a leader. That didn’t mean giving orders but it meant taking responsibility and ownership of getting their jobs right and for the team working cooperatively.

Continuous learning

The Japanese call it ‘kaizan” – an attitude of continuous improvement. The Hockeyroos were encouraged to have their eyes peeled for ideas. One can always learn from other sports, other teams, opponents, other coaches and other areas of human endeavour.

Willingness to put the team first

Brilliant individuals can never make a difference in team games unless they are also an integral part of the structure of the team. Without cooperative, coordinated strategies that utilise individual abilities for the team’s good, you will not get the best outcome.

Common Goals

May 1961 was when JF Kennedy made his famous speech about his nation’s goal of landing on the moon. He stated, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things not because they are easy but because they are hard”. He then went on to say the most relevant statement “That goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our abilities and skills”.

Unquestioningly a shared set of goals and a thorough plan implemented and evaluated progressively underpin the best achievements in sport.


Open and honest communication allows players, coaches, parents and administrators to know where they stand; what they stand for; what is expected of them and what the consequences may be of their performances and behaviour. Trust between such groups can only be earned through honesty. Honesty with one’s self, of course, is a principle of the best performers.


This core value follows on from honesty. It is a quality that supports diligent training, a positive approach to learning and improvement and disciplined play and lifestyle.

Charlesworth sums up his explanation of why the Hockeyroos were so successful when he said:

Humility, a sense of your own vulnerability and an honesty about your performance and training are central to continued excellence, for they fuel the wish to keep improving and learning which are crucial if your enterprise/team is to grow and develop. If you think you know all the answers my response is to look deeper. You will always find room for improvement.

The Weekly Wrap

Representative Sport

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our primary students nominate via City Dist. and our secondary students via Nth Independent, or in some cases Met Nth direct, depending on the sport. Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

Direct nominations to Met Nth Sports are:

  • Water Polo Trial date Friday 27 October – Open to 13-17 years. Nominations close Friday 20 October
  • Triathlon Trial date Sunday 29 October – Open to 10 – 19 years. Nominations close Friday 21 October

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact: or click on the below link

Thanks for your support.

Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Matthew Lo Grande

The term is underway faster than ever before. With one week done, there are only seven to go. With five weeks until exams, the work we do now will best position us for the exam block.

The teachers will be constantly reminding us of the importance of Term 4 and how crucial it is to stay focused. However, maintaining focus is easier said then done. With eight weeks holidays in our minds we need to reflect on the all the hard work we have done this year and not allow this last five weeks to destroy all of that. It's the final quarter, we toughed out the most difficult and gruelling quarter, Term 3. Now it's our opportunity to put the icing on the cake.

Keeping it simple is imperative for success this term. Ensuring that we develop a study planner, complete all homework, complete assignments early so we don’t fall behind in revision and most importantly, listening in class. All of these simple strategies will ensure that the focus is still on the end reward and not on the holidays. In order to ensure that distractions aren’t intervening, we need to fulfil the above recommended strategies. It is also important not to overlook the importance of finding the balance between schoolwork and our social life.

Gentlemen it's the last quarter, AFL premierships have been won or lost in this quarter. Let's not allow all the distractions that Term 4 can provide and complete the year successfully.

Good luck boys, not long now!

Terrace Ladies Group

Thank you

Thank you to the Year 7 mothers who helped the TLG Committee at the Orientation evening for the boys and families of Year 7 2018 last Thursday afternoon.

A really big thank you to all the helpers who helped prepare and serve food in the canteen and provided home bake to sell at the Inter-House Athletics carnival last Friday. It was a great success and I think all the boys enjoyed the canteen food and didn’t go hungry!


The TLG AGM was held on Monday and it was wonderful to see a good turn out at our last meeting of this year. For those of you who missed it, I would again like to offer my thanks to the outgoing TLG Executive members, Mrs Jayne O’Connell (Vice-President (Hospitality)), Mrs Tracy Murphy (Treasurer) and Ms Marianne Eadie (Secretary) for their commitment to the TLG over the past two years. These ladies are amazing and have made my first year as president run smoothly and we had a lot of fun along the way! Thank you also to Mrs Natalie Davidson for her contribution as Year Level Coordinator.

I would also like to welcome and introduce our incoming TLG Executive Committee members for 2018/19:

  • Vice-President (Hospitality) – Mrs Leonnie Flynn
  • Treasurer – Mrs Sam Murphy
  • Secretary – Mrs Rachel McGahon.
  • Care and Concern Coordinator - Mrs Norelle McHugh (continuing)
  • Year Level Coordinator - Mrs Lou Weir

At the AGM, TLG members voted on the proposed changes to meeting frequency and start time for the TLG meetings in 2018. Members in attendance and votes received by email resulted in these changes being accepted.

The result is that in 2018 there will be five TLG meetings (one at the start of the year and one each term, toward the end of term). The new format will be breakfast meetings, commencing at 7.30am in the Founders’ Room, with a light breakfast and tea and coffee served. We will trial this for 2018 and then make a decision about the future together with members at next year’s AGM.

Canteen Convenor Required

We are looking to fill the position of Canteen Convenor for Tennyson. This is a paid role. It will be advertised on the Jobs@Terrace page on the College website and in upcoming newsletters. If you are interested or you know someone that might be, you can email me at for further information.

TLG Thanksgiving Mass – Friday 3 November 9.30am

A special event in the year is our end of year TLG Thanksgiving Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Family, followed by Morning Tea in the Founders’ room. All are welcome.

Uniform Shop – help needed for 2018 new students.

As always, the TLG is helping the Terrace Uniform Shop with fitting out our new Terracians with their uniforms to start school in 2018. The Uniform shop is looking for help over four weeks, commencing 24 October through to Friday 17 November. If you can help please go to the Volunteer Sign-up sheets:

College Staff Christmas Lunch – Tuesday 28 November

The annual Staff Christmas Lunch is a wonderful celebration of our staff in appreciation for all their efforts and support of our boys throughout the year. The TLG hosts this through the generosity of our families with contributions of help on the day, food and monetary donations. More details on this will be distributed in the next few weeks along with links to volunteer sign-on pages.

Coming up

Friday 3 November – TLG Thanksgiving Mass

Tuesday 28 November – Staff Christmas Lunch

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson | 0404 806 932

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Mr Michael James WYVILL, GT 1958-1961

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.

Please continue to pray for those in the Terrace Family who are ill or for any reason are in need of our prayers.

Terrace Shop

Please read more to find the volunteer links.


Find all your Gregory Terrace event details here!

Date and Time: Friday 20 October | 6.30pm - 10pm
Where: Boggo Road Gaol | Boggo Road Dutton Park
Cost: Adults $40 (+ booking fees), Children $15 (+ booking fees), Children Under 8 & Performers Free
Drink on arrival, cash bar, BYO picnic or pre-order Pear Tree catering via ticket link
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 17 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Imogen Brown | | 3214 5226

Jailhouse Rock - Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 28 October | 10am - 4pm
Where: Estee Lauder Corporate Store | 33 Park Rd Milton
Cost: $10 (+ booking fees)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 25 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Joan Hyams | | 0413 683 117

Estee Lauder Shopping - Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 28 October | 4.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: The Boatshed | Tennyson
Cost: Free | Finger food & drinks provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 20 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Lisa Klemenc |

Rowing Welcome Night - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 3 November | 11.30am
Where: Gambaro Hotel | 33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace
Cost: $95pp (+ booking fees) OR $950 (+booking fees) for a table of 10
RSVP: Please RSVP before Friday 20 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Lorilie Cunningham | | 0417 649 700

Yr 12 Mothers' Lunch - Book Here

All members of the Terrace Family who left Terrace 50 years ago or more are warmly invited to attend this special event.
Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 10am
Where: College Hall | Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday 2 November via contacts below:
e: or p: 3214 5281

Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 6pm - 8pm
Where: Centenary Pool
Cost: Free | Dinner & drinks provided
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 3 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Michael MacDermott |

Come & Try Swimming - Register Here

Date and Time: Friday 17 November | 6.30pm
Where: Main Auditorium | Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
Cost: $115pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 3 course meal & non-alcoholic beverages
Alcohol free evening. Maximum of 3 tickets per student can be purchased (student + 2 guests)
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 8 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jo Tarlington | | 3214 5203

Valedictory Dinner - Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Read here for event details and booking links for the various Term 4 parent social functions.

Year 10 Mothers' End of Year Lunch

Date and Time: Friday 27 October | 12.30pm - 4pm
Where: Watt | Brisbane Powerhouse 119 Lamington St New Farm
Cost: $115 (+ booking fees) for 2 course lunch & 2 hour drinks package
RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 16 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Anne Learmonth | | 0409 655 436

Yr 10 Lunch - Book Here

Year 5 End of Year Parent Function

Date and Time: Friday 27 October | 7.30pm - 11pm
Where: The Alliance Hotel | 320 Boundary St Spring Hill
Cost: $35 | $5 per ticket donated towards The Cassady Fund
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 20 October
Please deposit into account below with surname as reference:
Account Name: DP & MM Wright BSB: 084-004 Account No: 39-561-3150 (NAB)
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Louise Weir | | 0423 007 767

Year 8 End of Year Christmas Drinks

Date and Time: Saturday 4 November | 6.30pm - 11pm
Where: Gambaro Hotel | 33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace
Cost: $25 (+booking fees) | Includes canapes. Cash bar
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 25 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jane Correnti | | 0416 216 402

Yr 8 Parent Drinks - Book Here

Year 9 End of Year Lunch

Date and Time: Friday 10 November | 11.30am
Where: Mrs Brown's | 32 Commercial Rd Newstead
Cost: $35 (+booking fees) | Includes lunch
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 3 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Simone Hiley | | 0417 726 869

Yr 9 End of Year Lunch - Book Here

Community Information



Take A Hike is back - bigger and better than ever. What better way to spend a Sunday than walking, running or racing, working together to positively change the life of a child with autism! Call on your colleagues, business associates, friends and family and get your team together today.

Registrations can be made at -