Dean of Identity | Mr Terry Thompson


This Sunday, the season of Advent begins. With the beginning of the season of Advent, the Catholic Church starts a new liturgical year. The word Advent is taken from the Latin word, Adventus, meaning ‘the coming or arrival of a very important person’. Advent is the time in which we wait and prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Advent is the time to slow down and wait with patience. This is a big challenge for us. With holidays just around the corner and exams nearly finished, we are tempted to hurry and get ready for Christmas. While it is important for us to be ready with gifts, we also need to be prepared in our hearts to receive the greatest gift, the gift of the life of Jesus.

The next four weeks is time for us to consider and share the messages of hope, peace, joy and love. Every day these messages are alive here at Terrace. When our young men put on the red and black tie, when we form friendships with others beyond our gates, when our families gather as House groups, and when we share time at Tennyson or in the schoolyard, we are being hopeful, peaceful, joyous and loving with each other.


The red and black College tie is a symbol of hope. As our young men put on their College tie each day, they commit themselves to do their best as Gentlemen of Terrace. They are committing themselves to be beacons of hope for others. When we are hopeful for others, and others fill us with hope, we are encouraged to do our best. Advent reminds us that the birth of Jesus is a sign of hope that God’s promises for each of us will be kept.


Our Eddie’s Van is a symbol of peace. Our College prayer that we pray at the end of each day asks, make our hearts so human that others may feel at home with us. Each morning, members of the Terrace Family volunteer to cook a hot breakfast and share stories with those less fortunate on the streets. By welcoming others into the story of Jesus, we are signs of peace for each other and our world.


The House we belong to here at Terrace is a symbol of joy. When we gather as House communities, we celebrate the joy that lies in spending time with each other and being present with one another. Advent is a time for celebrating the joy that lies in the birth of Jesus and his life example of walking with others.


Our Celtic cross symbolises God as a loving presence in our lives. It is no coincidence that our large Celtic cross is placed at the entry to the College. Entering the College grounds each day and walking past our Celtic cross reminds us of God’s presence and his love for us. We are called to embrace our everyday interactions with each other as an opportunity to show love for others.

As we embark on the holiday season, I challenge you to bring hope, peace, love and joy to yourself and those around you in all that you do. I encourage you to spend some time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas and what it means for us to be welcoming this very important person into our lives. May the Terrace Family be blessed with hope, peace, love and joy this Christmas.

Lord, as we head into these holidays, we are reminded that it is a time to prepare ourselves for the Christmas season. In a world often consumed with material pleasures, may we remember the true message of the Christmas story and celebrate together in a spirit that recognises and gives thanks for the blessings we already have. It is a time of hope for our families, a time of peace within our homes, a time to show love for each other and a time of joy for the good news that is the birth of Jesus. May we reach out to those in need and strive to create a world that is just and fair. Amen.

Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.

St Joseph…Pray for us.